Jed Davis- The Cutting Room Floor

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, September 3, 2010

Singer/songwriter Jed Davis initially started to write The Cutting Room Floor back in 1999, and immediately ran into a wide variety of problems. While the album wouldn’t even be completed until 2006, it would take an additional four years before the disc would be officially released to the public, but despite the fact that this release took so long to reach a finished form it definitely has a lot of quality material and plenty of variety. Jed Davis is a bit quirky and may not be for everyone, but those who enjoy what he has to offer will find this album makes its way into their regular rotation.

Davis’ vocals are part of what makes The Cutting Room Floor feel a little quirky, as he has a slightly higher pitched voice and sings about topics such as going to Dennys at 3 AM and all of the various things that one does while there. This also gives the effort a very personal feeling as Davis is talking about experiences that he has had at various points in his life and it is clear that he has a sense of playfulness when writing material. I understand that some people may not be attracted to the kind of random, every day feeling of Jed Davis’ work but that is what will make it really appealing to others so if you fall into the crowd that does chances are you’ll dig these songs. It also helps that the vocals stay strong for the entirety of the album, as this helps to keep things interesting.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a ton of variety throughout the course of The Cutting Room Floor. There is everything from pop punk to acoustic pop/folk and plenty of other styles throughout many of the songs and it is clear that Davis is a very versatile songwriter. Although listeners will notice that the slightly more upbeat numbers are memorable than the slower ones but as a whole the melodies here will hook you and ensure that this disc returns to your stereo frequently. Despite the fact that there are so many different styles in play on this album it doesn’t feel as though any of them are underdeveloped and a lot of time was clearly spent on making each one special.

Jed Davis is a little bit pop, a little bit alternative, and quite a bit of fun to listen to. His music may be a bit of an acquired taste and can be a bit hard to categorize, but that may be part of its appeal for certain people. I certainly found myself strangely interested in what The Cutting Room Floor had to offer and put it on repeat about five times before writing this review. This album may have taken over a decade to release but the time spent on it shows.

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