Journey- Generations

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Generations is Journey’s 13th studio album, which is quite an accomplishment. And though many bands have come and gone after only a few albums, Journey still manages to impress on this new album. There is a lot of music on this album, and all the members of the band take turns singing at some point or another. For fans of melodic rock music and Journey fans in general, this is an album to consider.

The band’s overall focus on this album was to have less pop and more rock and soul songs. This approach works very well, and it shows that every member of Journey definitely knows how to do this. What we have here is a mix of standard rock style ballads mixed with more melodic, flowing songs that stand out thanks to Jonathan Cain’s excellent work on the keyboards.

One complaint I often find with older bands that release new albums is that their sound hasn’t changed too much and they are just trying to rely on what was a hit in the past to get by. This results in the album becoming repetitive and not as appealing to listen to. However, I am very happy to report that this isn’t the case with Generations. All of the music feels current and is a joy to listen to. Now admittedly some of the first few songs do blend together a little bit, but as you listen on things get really interesting. The fact that all of the band members have some vocal parts throughout the album makes the album feel fresh as you keep listening, and it works very well.

Generations’ lyrics are also very well done. These songs talk about very realistic things that could happen to an ordinary person very easily. Rather than taking a dark or light slant about the world, Journey chooses to explore both, often in the same song. The results are great, and further solidify the songs on this album as being very memorable.

If you’re a big fan of melodic rock and rock ballads you need to go out and buy Generations as soon as you can. This is truly an example of how to do the type of music right, and also an excellent example of how an older band can continue to create excellent albums.


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