Kira- Run Where No One Goes

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, September 17, 2010

Kira Skov is a singer/songwriter from Denmark, and while the majority of her material has only been released in Europe up to this point she is finally getting her shot at making a name for herself in the United States. Choosing to go only by Kira when she releases music, Skov’s debut US EP Run Where No One Goes contains seven songs that are a mixture of rock ‘n roll with some soul and blues. This disc will surely help her get noticed and should serve as a very good introduction to what will be a lengthy musical career.

One of the best elements of Kira’s music is her singing, as she has an absolutely mesmerizing voice. Though she may be from Denmark, there’s this US soul/blues feel to her vocals that makes her distinguishable from some of the other European singer/songwriters out there. Part of this might be due to the fact that she has spent quite a bit of time in both London and Los Angeles which has given her a slightly different sound. It also helps that Kira has a fairly wide range and is able to hit quite a few different pitches throughout the course of the EP. Chances are that just about anyone will be able to appreciate what she has to offer, and this should give Kira some widespread appeal.

Run Where No One Goes really blurs the lines between genres, as one minute the instrumentals might be easily categorized as folk while the next they are jumping between rock and some soul/blues influences. Each of the six tracks on this effort feels different from one another and show different elements of Kira’s songwriting. Some of the songs that really grabbed me the first time I listened to this disc was the eerie “King’s Kitchen” which has a very dark and minimalistic guitar melody and “Riders of the Freeway” which is much more up-tempo and in your face. Each of the songs has their own hooks though and will keep listeners coming back for more.

I’m not entirely sure if this EP is comprised of newer songs or existing ones that Kira wanted to highlight for her North American debut but in either case she has chosen wisely as the tracks are sure to make an impression on listeners. I definitely want to hear more and hopefully it won’t be long before more of her material is released in the states.

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