Korn- Korn III: Remember Who You Are

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Friday, July 9, 2010

Korn have been one of the biggest bands in metal since they burst into the scene in 1993; garnering massive commercial and underground success over the years. They’ve managed to maintain a sound that has never been fully replicated by another band, which is extremely rare in today’s music scene. After the departure of two original members in drummer David Silveria and guitarist Brian “Head” Welch, Korn’s music has been highly criticized as subpar and lacking the ingredients and angst that really made them special. Singer Jonathon Davis has said in multiple interviews leading up to the release of the album that this would truly be a trip back to the old Korn sound circa 1994’s Korn and 1996’s Life is Peachy. But when bands say that, it turns out to be an exaggeration a good deal of the time. But the real burning question: would that be the case for Korn? Well, there’s no easy way to answer that question so I’m just go to say, “sort of.”

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Korn since the late 90’s, and while I can say Korn III – Remember Who You Are is definitely an attempt to go back to their original sound, it still falls short. The attempt is especially evident on tracks “Oildale (Leave Me Alone)” and “Never Around.” However, as a whole, I never really felt that they grasped the concept primarily in part to the loss of Head, who was clearly the muse for the sound. With that said, Remember Who You Are is an honest attempt to appease their old fans while still experimenting with new sounds. Jonathon Davis remains one of the only lyricists that can actually make me feel like I’m suffering through the same problems that he’s going through. Compared to their last album, 2007’s Untitled this is a breath of fresh air and a much needed rebound. While it’s only a baby step, I hope this reboots their popularity (not that they really need that any way) and the mass appeal they had 5 years ago.

I’d give Korn III: Remember Who You Are a 7.5/10 and would recommend you check out “Let the Guilt Go”, “Never Around” and “Move On”.

Korn III: Remember Who You Are will be available on July 13th via Roadrunner Records. Korn will also be touring the US this summer as part of Mayhem Fest in support of their new album.

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