Lacrimas Profundere- The Grandiose Nowhere

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lacrimas Profundere is a band that often gets mixed opinions from people. While they may have started off as a death/doom band with a gothic tinge in the mid 1990s the group has transitioned to a much more mainstream style of gothic rock over the past few years. On their newest effort The Grandiose Nowhere this trend has been continued, and while fans of their earlier material aren’t likely going to be satisfied by this new album if you don’t mind some mainstream tendencies you will find the riffs on this disc are actually pretty good.

When one listens to the songs on The Grandiose Nowhere they are likely going to be reminded of some of the more mainstream genre acts out there such as HIM and Lacuna Coil, and at times perhaps even some of Paradise Lost’s later work. What this means is that the group’s music is fairly simplistic in structure but has some catchy melodic riffs and chorus lines that people are going to remember. Compared to bands such as HIM, Lacrimas Profundere tends to prefer slower paced songs and I feel as though this tends to hold them back a little bit as by the time the album comes to an end the tracks start to feel a little too similar to one another. Fans of the genre are still sure to enjoy what the band has to offer, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a little more variety.

Vocalist Rob Vitacca could be mistaken for HIM’s Ville Valo as he has a gruff voice that sounds very similar. This will certainly help Lacrimas Profundere to gain some more mainstream attention as the typical gothic crowd has been eating up everything that HIM has been producing for quite some time now. However, don’t mistake Vitacca as a mere clone as he has his own unique nuances that will help the group to stand out from some of the others out there. Provided that you enjoy the melodic vocal styles that the gothic rock genre is known for I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy this effort.

The Grandiose Nowhere is a decent album that has some noteworthy moments, and if you’ve enjoyed this band’s last couple of efforts or are big into gothic rock it is worth a look. However, I still get the feeling that Lacrimas Profundere is capable of more and if they were to vary the tempo a little more frequently all of their songs wouldn’t sound so similar to one another. But considering that the band has survived for so many years, I guess it is a good thing that their albums are still decent when so many other acts have disappeared entirely.

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