Maker- I-91

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pop punk bands tend to fall into one of two categories: those that have headed into the commercial pop direction and those that remember their punk roots. Massachusetts based Maker falls into the latter group as their latest EP I-91 offers four tracks of fast paced pop punk that has plenty of energy. It may only be ten minutes in length, but it showcases a lot of potential for young band that channels some of the classics.

The record label blurbs for I-91 draw comparisons to Lifetime and The Movielife and this seems like a pretty accurate assessment as the instrumentalists have created riffs that have are extremely fast paced and channel some of the earlier punk styles. Unlike much of today’s pop punk, Maker remembers where the genre originated from and because of this their music has a much rougher edge that listeners will really be able to appreciate. There are definitely some great hooks, and while the four songs do fly by far too quickly it seems likely that anyone who gives it a shot will return to it frequently.

Maker puts the pop in pop punk when it comes to their vocals as singer Dave Carter has a very melodic singing style that reminds me of many of the great emo bands from the 1990’s. The group also ensures to throw in some gang vocals and higher pitched backup singing/screaming in order to really make the songs stand out. It seems as though the band goes through the standard lyrical themes that the genre is known for but it is a little hard to tell due to how short the EP is. But this isn’t that big of a deal and most people probably won’t mind.

This band is certainly on to something here and is able to do justice to their inspirations. I wish there was more than ten minutes of material because what Maker has released is so catchy, and hopefully it won’t be long before they’re back with another release in the near future. It may sound like I’m gushing but I can’t help it as this is the kind of pop punk I can really support.

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