Mammoth Mammoth- Volume III: Hell’s Likely

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Australia’s always had a knack for rock bands, but while most of you may only be familiar with the obvious names there are a number of talented newcomers. Mammoth Mammoth is one of these newcomers, as they burst on the scene with a self-titled EP and full length album and now find themselves signed to Napalm Records for their sophomore effort. High energy rock fueled by some of punk’s edginess is the name of the game here, and the band offers up seven tracks (plus the entire EP if you get the first printing). It’s at its best when the riffs merge some stoner rock influences with some heavy metal style leads, and while not every track is able to grab listeners Volume III- Hell’s Likely is still enjoyable overall.

With the inclusion of the EP on the first printing, listeners have access to almost an hour’s worth of material. The band starts things off with a bang, as opening track “Hell’s Likely” has one of the fastest tempos on the entire album and features a driving riff that is equal parts rock and punk. From there the band settles into some mid-tempo riffs that head into more traditional rock ‘n roll territory but still retain a bit of a stoner rock heaviness to the tonality. But as previously mentioned, the tracks that grabbed me the most were numbers like “Sitting Pretty” where there’s the heavy metal gallop mixed into the lead guitar work and an overwhelming amount of energy. The straight up rock tracks aren’t necessarily bad, but the ones with the additional influences had stronger hooks. Including the EP as a bonus also acts as a bit of a double edged sword, as while having the material there increases the value of the overall package I found that I liked the rawer production values on the older songs a bit more. There are a few moments on Volume III- Hell’s Likely where the sound almost reaches this same level, but it’s not quite the same.

The vocals have a barroom feel to them, as there’s a rough and aggressive edge to every line. Although this is even more prominent on the bonus tracks due to the production style, this is one area that doesn’t seem to have changed that much in the time between when the two releases came out. But this isn’t a bad thing at all, as lead singer Mikey Tucker has the delivery style that’s perfect for this type of material. Occasionally he mellows out slightly and hits some higher pitches, but for the majority of the album there’s a bit of venom in every word and that’s exactly how I like this type of rock to sound.

I kind of miss the raw tonality that the band had on their EP, but Volume III- Hell’s Likely still manages to impress with some strong hooks and high energy material. A few of the more straightforward rock tracks didn’t quite manage to grab me as much as the ones where the instrumentals threw in some additional styles, but there’s still plenty here to make this disc worth returning to. Mammoth Mammoth’s on the rise though, and while they may not be my go to band just yet a few more steps in the right direction could definitely put them there.

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