Man the Change- Weather the Storm

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, April 24, 2011

While I’ve been exposed to a lot of punk/pop punk over the years, Brooklyn’s Man the Change were a band I had not come across before. Formed in 2007, the group has released two EP’s and just released their debut full length Weather the Storm last month. Compared to their previous material, this time around the band has embraced pop punk a bit more but still has a rougher edge than some of their peers. They still need a bit more work in some key areas, but as a whole this album is enjoyable and showcases a group that is able to capture the spirit of the genre quite well.

Man the Change has the same fast pace and high flying riffs that have become so familiar in pop punk, but they often throw in some heavier ideas. I’ve seen some people describe them as pop punk crossed with old school skate punk, and I feel this is a pretty good way to capture exactly what the group is going for. The instrumentals often have that rough around the edges feel, as though the band is going full speed and isn’t even sure if everything is going to hold together and this sense of recklessness and energy is something that I have always enjoyed about this genre. Weather the Storm isn’t a particularly long album as it flies by in about 25 minutes, but this also to avoid repetition so it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are a few songs where the mixing feels a bit weird and certain instruments overpower the others, but this doesn’t completely derail the experience.

There is one area that I felt Man the Change was a little shaky in, and that would have to be the vocals. These are split between slightly rougher edged clean vocals, screaming, and plenty of backup singing. While this gives Weather the Storm a good deal of variety, there are quite a few times where some of the vocal styles get a bit shaky and the singers sound as though they are going out of tune. It isn’t necessarily going to keep people from enjoying what the band has to offer, but it did detract from a few of the songs for me and I would like to see them continue to work on this area a bit more.

Maybe I’ve just been exposed to too much of this type of music recently, but Weather the Storm just didn’t grab me quite as much as I had hoped. The vocals could use a bit more work and there are a few songs where the instrumentals aren’t completely balanced, but you can tell that these guys are genuine and are trying quite hard. For now I’d recommend them to rabid punk/pop punk fans in particular, but if you’re a bit more casual towards the genre I’d wait and see how these guys develop in the future.

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