Memphis May Fire- Memphis May Fire

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Memphis May Fire may seem like another one of those mainstream emo/scream bands that seem to be saturating the market everywhere right now (Underoath etc.) but they’re actually a little bit different from what one expect. Combining hardcore and southern rock with a huge variety of vocal styles the band’s debut EP show definite potential. Though it is still unclear if this level of variety will transfer well into a full length, for now listeners have a debut EP from a band that will appeal to both mainstream scenesters and those who had previously written off the genre.

There are easily four or five different vocal styles audible throughout the course of Memphis May Fire’s EP. You’ve got the traditional high pitched singing that has gripped the entire mainstream music industry with an iron fist, but there is also singing that brings glam rock bands to mind. In addition to this, the group also makes use of a wide variety of screaming ranges, at times hitting very low growls. Some of the screaming styles may be too harsh for the MTV crowd, but it adds the variety that a band of this type needs to stand out from the pack.

The instrumentals also show promise even if some of the styles feel somewhat contrived. Of course the average hardcore riffs and breakdowns apply here, but Memphis May Fire also has a distinctive southern rock vibe going for them. All of the songs are up-tempo and catchy, but also slow down at certain points to fit in almost pop rock style interludes. This works well for an EP, and hopefully the band will make further use of some of these styles when they release a full length.

Memphis May Fire may still have some of the similar sounding elements that every band before them had, but they add in enough variety and other influences to stand out. This is the kind of band that could help break Trustkill out of its generic hardcore band state (which is generally the case right now). Though the band has their work cut out for them to meld all of the styles heard on their EP into a full length worth of material, they’ve demonstrated that they certainly have potential.

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