Metalocalypse- Dethklok Dethalbum Deluxe Edition

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Metalocalypse has become a major sensation for Adult Swim, perhaps even more so than anyone could have ever predicted. So it is fitting that a show based around metal culture and inside jokes has gotten its own soundtrack complete with a Deluxe Edition. Metal fans may give this release crap, but anyone that liked the show will want to give this one a shot if only for its comedic and novelty value.

Surprisingly though, for an album most likely to be remembered on its novelty alone the music on Dethalbum isn’t bad at all. Sure, for the most part it’s your fairly standard melodic death metal but there are some catchy hooks on some of these songs that rival those of some of the B grade death metal bands currently out there. Although some of the songs lose some of their catchiness after having been extended, much of the material is enjoyable. For a show that is essentially a dark comedy, the musicianship is admirable and gets the job done.

The lyrics are what will get most listeners to pick this one up. Unlike traditional death metal, all of the music of Metalocalypse has lyrics that can be understood. Many of their themes are filled with black humor and references that the metal faithful will pick up on rather quickly. Anyone who’s watched the show with a passion will definitely find this album hooking them from beginning to end. The Deluxe Edition includes the Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle and some other highlights from the show, but is truly for fans only.

Metal fans who haven’t already bought into the Metalocalypse craze are unlikely to find much enjoyment in the Dethalbum, but for those who enjoyed the show and have had these songs stuck in their heads since they first aired will certainly want to check this one out. This won’t necessarily be a release I’ll pull out for serious death metal, but for a somewhat campy and fun listen this one is second to none.

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