Middian- Age Eternal

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Middian’s debut is doom/stoner metal at its finest. With five songs that total almost 50 minutes of overall music, Age Eternal is an album that listeners will need to sit back and absorb. While one could argue that the music on this album is both repetitious and droning, that is one of the core concepts behind doom metal. But despite the issue that some people may have with instrumental arrangements of this style, fans of the genre will find Middian’s debut to be an absolutely brilliant album that is extremely atmospheric while still maintaining an extreme sense of heaviness.

Throughout the course of Age Eternal, there are many shifts in tempo. Middian is often much faster in tempo than many of the other doom bands out there, but still maintains droning riffs that build up during each track. One thing is for sure though, and that would be that the instrumentalists of Middian wanted this album to produce bleak and desolate sounds while still maintaining some atmosphere. All of the riffs on Age Eternal are heavy and brooding, but still will pull listeners into a near trance like state when listening to it.

The vocals are another part of the band that helps to build up the droning and dark sound of Middian. Vocalist Mike Scheidt transitions between extremely high pitched clean vocals and extremely rough and deep growls. Not only is it extremely impressive that Scheidt is able to do both of these styles, but it helps Middian’s music to gain further atmosphere (through the clean vocals) and extreme aggression (through the deep throated growls).

Not everyone can appreciate droning doom metal that is big on aggression and heaviness, but those that are fans of the genre won’t want to miss out on Middian’s debut album. This is one of those albums that listeners will want to turn up on high volumes, turn the lights off, and just soak in. Hopefully the band continues along this path and continues with their bleak and aggressive style, as it is one that works extremely well.


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