Mortillery- Murder Death Kill

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thrash is one of those genres that has more bands than it knows what to do with, and as a result there have been just as many forgettable groups as noteworthy ones. Canada’s Mortillery is one of the latest to try and play the style, and after releasing their debut album Murder Death Kill on Horror Pain Gore Death last year they’ve signed a deal with Napalm Records and given the disc an additional push. It showcases potential, but doesn’t quite manage to completely distinguish itself from the rest of the pack.

One of the best elements of Mortillery’s music is lead singer Cara McCutchen. Thrash with female vocalists isn’t quite that common, but that by itself wouldn’t be enough to help the group stand out. Instead, it’s McCutchen’s performance that helps the band out quite a bit as she offers a cross between an Angela Gossow growl and higher pitched heavy metal singing. There’s a surprising amount of range present in her delivery, and she is able to maintain full control over each style without faltering. Admittedly this type of growling is a bit of an acquired taste, but if it’s one that you find appealing the vocals on Murder Death Kill will grab your attention very quickly.

Mortillery has the thrash template down, as their songs all move through fast paced riffs that have a ton of energy and are driven by a pulsing bass line. It’s clear that the instrumentalists have skill as they are able to keep up this frantic pace for the entire album without missing a beat. However, the main issue with Murder Death Kill is that it shows its hand a bit too early. The first half of the disc has some catchy riffs and killer solos, but once you’ve gotten past the halfway point it starts to feel as though the band is falling into a tried and true formula and as a result the songs don’t have the same level of staying power. I have noticed that this is a problem that a lot of newer thrash bands have encountered, but considering that quite a few of them have come back with stellar sophomore efforts it seems possible that this group could do the same.

They may have a strong vocalist and the thrash sound down, but Mortillery’s songwriting isn’t able to make the tracks distinguishable enough. As a result Murder Death Kill is a competent first effort but not necessarily a must listen to release. But considering that they have a solid base to work off of, with a few more pushes in the right direction this group could have the potential to impress next time around.

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