October Fall- A Season in Hell

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, January 11, 2007

October Fall is a band that showcases a lot of promise on their debut album. A Season in Hell showcases a group that mixes emo with plenty of poppy elements. The result is a Fall Out Boy style sound that mixes with some boy band and other pop esque elements to create an extremely enjoyable combination. And although this album is far from perfect, it certainly is an excellent start for a group that could hit it big within the next few years.

A Season in Hell has a sound that no other band in this genre has at this point, which helps it to feel extremely fresh and innovative. Some of their songs hint towards the stereotypical upbeat pop-punk style mixed with some emo guitar work as well. In addition to that, there are many subtle elements, such as the horn work on “Caught in the Rain.” The result is a group with extremely catchy hooks that will appeal to fans of some pop music in addition to the usual Decaydance/Fueled by Ramen audience. Admittedly, there are some songs where October Fall mellow out quite a bit and lose some of their energy, which will disappoint some people. If they continue the upbeat pop elements of their music and go further in that direction, than October Fall is sure to get even better in the future.

The vocals on A Season in Hell are very mellow and extremely pleasing to the listener. However, the singing on this release feels a bit different from your average Fall Out Boy style band. For one, the vocals are not at all whiny and have a very interesting sense of melody to them. On some of the songs there are even some guest female vocals, which add a little extra flavor to those particular tracks (although this is no The Hush Sound, the music here is very different in style). In the end the singing here works very well, and definitely is a highlight of this album.

It is not often that a band can win one over almost purely on instrumentals and overall style alone, but October Fall is definitely one of those groups. Although there are some parts of A Season in Hell that drag a little bit, the release as a whole is extremely likeable and should be experienced by most. October Fall has been overshadowed by many of the other Decaydance artists, but they still deserve to be listened to. If they continue in the direction of the majority of the songs on this disc (upbeat, pop esque tunes), then this is one band that certainly could make their way up the ranks in the next couple of years.


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