Our Last Night- We Will All Evolve

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Last Night is a band that has been rising up the ranks rather quickly. The New Hampshire based metalcore/post hardcore group formed in 2004 and began attracting attention after putting out an EP and full length independently. This helped attract the attention of Epitaph Records, who put out their sophomore effort The Ghosts Among Us in 2008. Since that time Our Last Night has continued to tour and work on new material, and this has resulted in the release of their third album We Will All Evolve. The disc represents a huge step forward for the band, and is sure to help them expand their audience.

One of the first things that listeners will notice is that Trevor Wentworth is a much better screamer than before. This could simply be because he has gotten older (Trevor was 11 years old when he joined the band) or he could have also worked on his technique. But in either case, his screaming is a lot stronger and deeper than before and reminds me quite a bit of bands such as A Day To Remember. Another thing that Our Last Night has done is give the clean vocals a bit more air time, as the group splits up the two styles a lot more this time around. Some listeners might feel that this makes the band sound like everyone else, but I personally feel that it suits them as they have given both their vocalists (they have a different member for screaming and singing) the chance to really grow and find their comfort zone.

The instrumentals on We Will All Evolve are a cross between melodic metalcore, post hardcore, and pop punk. I realize that all of these genres tend to blend together but in the case of Our Last Night they have songs that can be distinguished into these separate styles. One track might be much lighter and feature up-tempo guitar riffs that are clearly pop punk influenced while the next has a much harder edge and features some synthesizer work like some of the current metalcore bands do. Admittedly this is one area where I feel the group could still improve, as despite the fact that they have some cool technical riffs on some of the songs there are still too many times where they return to the tried and true genre ideas. There is enough variety to keep listeners interested, but Our Last Night doesn’t have enough of their own nuances to propel them above the rest.

These guys aren’t my favorite just yet, but they have some decent ideas and are getting better with each album. They’re also still a fairly young band, so considering that We Will All Evolve showcases some great vocal talent and some competent instrumentation it seems likely that Our Last Night will reach new heights in a few years. Don’t expect them to be the best metalcore/post hardcore you’ve heard this year, but still consider giving this disc a shot if you enjoy the genre as it is surprisingly catchy at times.


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