Paul Manousos- C’mon C’mon

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, June 17, 2010

I’ve been following singer/songwriter Paul Manousos since I started writing about music, as his debut album For Better Or Worse was one of the first releases to come across my desk for review. Since that time Paul has released two more full lengths, the most recent of which is titled C’mon C’mon and finds him combining some of the stripped down folk of his debut and the more up-tempo rock of his sophomore effort Common Thread. It may still be just a tad bit too short, but Manousos continues to get better with time and has written some great tunes this time around.

Manousos has always mixed elements of folk and Americana with traditional rock ‘n roll, but he seems to have finally gotten the perfect combination of the two on C’mon C’mon. While in the past he tended to stick with one style per song, this time around it really feels as though Manousos is trying to blend the mellow acoustic folk in with some of the slightly heavier rock vibes. It also seems as though even when the music slows down a bit and doesn’t feature as much instrumentation that there are more interesting things happening than before and that really helps. Although the album might fly by rather quickly, for the entire time it lasts listeners will be entranced by the melodic instrumentals.

One of the elements of Paul Manousos’ music that has benefited him the most is his singing ability. There’s just something about his pitch that stands out and makes his material recognizable, and it also helps that his voice seems to be perfectly suited to melodic styles. Admittedly some listeners may find that Manousos seems to stay at around the same pitch for almost the entire album but considering that he has such a pleasant voice that shouldn’t be an issue for most people.

Paul Manousos was a good singer/songwriter before, but he really seems to have hit his stride on C’mon C’mon. It definitely seems as though he feels more comfortable than ever and is really writing songs that highlight his strengths. Manousos has really reached a new level and I am excited to see where he goes from here.

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