Pomegranates- Everything Is Alive

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ohio based Pomegranates gained quite a bit of buzz in 2007 when they released their debut EP Two Eyes less than a year after their formation. Their EP offered some energetic indie pop/rock and turned many heads to this young act. Now Pomegranates has returned with their debut full length Everything Is Alive, which sees the group begin to adopt an alternative rock style along with the indie pop/rock from before. And though the band still has a little ways to go as far as song writing is concerned, they’re still likely to impress quite a few listeners.

While their EP seemed to be bursting with youthful energy, their debut sees Pomegranates beginning to mature and settling into a slightly more relaxed state of mind. Many of the songs on Everything Is Alive feel as though they started out with a catchy hook or riff and then the instrumentalists decided to just let the rest of the song form on its own. This is different in style from their EP, and this more relaxed feeling does showcase a shift towards early 90’s alternative rock. Pomegranates hasn’t necessarily lost their indie pop edge though as there are still occasional moments where the music becomes extremely melodic and upbeat, showcasing that perhaps this group can’t quite shed that layer from their sound quite yet. However, Everything Is Alive does suffer from some questionable songwriting. At times it sounds as though some of these tracks end right before they reach their climax, and it does seem that the instrumentalists didn’t always let these songs last to proper conclusions. It’s not a big deal, but does hurt the disc slightly.

Everything Is Alive splits time equally between Pomegranates’ male and female vocalists, and each one brings a completely different style to the table. The female singer has a very melodic and mellow singing voice that is somewhat poppy but also gives a bit of a shoegaze feel to the album, while the male singer is a bit louder and is reminiscent of many of the classic alternative rock singers. Each vocalist is strong on their own, but together they give Pomegranates’ music a feeling of uniqueness which this band will definitely need in the future to continue to stand out.

Pomegranates still has a few rough edges here and there to work out, but as a whole their debut full length sees them expanding on the ideas seen on their EP and also heading in some great new directions. The band could definitely use some extended songs though, as some of the ones on Everything Is Alive feel as though they have been cut just a little bit short. But this is a group worth keeping track of, as their future efforts will probably be something truly special.


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