RadioRadio- Alarm 1 Alarm 2

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oklahoma based pop rock band RadioRadio (not to be confused with the Canadian rap group of the same name) is back with their newest EP, Alarm 1 Alarm 2. Having impressed audiences with their very 80’s influenced full length Watch ‘Em All Come Running in 2006 the group is ready to present four new tracks for consumption. And although they still wear their influences on their sleeves for the most part, there are parts of this EP that see a band ready to progress from mere inspiration to original sounds.

RadioRadio, like fellow acts such as The Bravery, has clearly taken inspiration from some of the bigger names of the 80’s such as Joy Division and even David Bowie (which are even mentioned in their press kit under the recommended as you like section). And like The Bravery, the instrumentalists of this group provide atmospheric guitar work along with the danceable synthesizers to create a pop/dance rock sound. However, while the first two songs fit squarely into this label the last two tracks on this EP seem to be pushing towards an alternative rock style with much more prominent use of the guitar. This release seems as though it is bridging the gap between old and new, and is sure to keep listeners interested.

The vocals on Alarm 1 Alarm 2 are very melodic, but also have a sense of attitude that is sure to help carry this band along. Singer Greg Hosterman has a great voice that admittedly sounds a little similar to many of the other groups in this genre, but he is complemented by a backing singer on some of the songs (who seems to be not listed in the album booklet so I’m not sure which member of the band it is). The focus seems to be on melodic vocals and catchy lyrics, and this definitely works to the band’s advantage.

Alarm 1 Alarm 2 showcases a band that has written a couple of songs that are very similar in style to their debut and a couple of songs that hint at progression to come. Whether or not RadioRadio will make the jump from a standard 80’s influenced pop/dance rock act to a full fledged alternative rock band remains to be seen, but either way their fans should still approve. And in my opinion this disc accomplishes the goal of an EP: to maintain interest in a band’s current work while offering something new. If you haven’t yet checked this group out see if you can get their full length first though, as Alarm 1 Alarm 2 does feel like a bit of a teaser to what is yet to come.

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