Rebecca Owen- Rebecca Owen

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Saturday, January 17, 2009

Considering how many country music artists are based out of Nashville, it is often hard to remember that there are other parts of the United States that have given listeners some notable acts as well. One such area is Albuquerque, New Mexico where country singer/songwriter Rebecca Owen resides. Owen has been a regular performer at many of the popular honky tonk clubs in that area, and in 2007 self released her self titled debut album. Mixing in traditional country pieces with some more pop oriented pieces, Owen showcases that she has more variety than some of the country artists that currently dominate the radio airwaves.

As soon as the opening track “Sidewinder” begins, listeners will discover that Rebecca Owen has a great voice and is able to push her voice into higher octaves than some of the other female stars of the country world. This first song also shows that Owen has great control over her voice as she is able to move from the upper octaves to lower ones without going out of tune or losing her confidence. However, while she demonstrates this beautifully on a few of the songs the majority of the album is slower paced and low key, meaning that she doesn’t make use of the highest allowable pitches of her voice as often as listeners would like. This isn’t to say that the songs on the album aren’t enjoyable, as they are, but if she would use her full vocal range more frequently it seems likely that Rebecca Owen would further stand out from the crowd.

The instrumentals on the album mix up-tempo country and laid back melodic pop music, ensuring that Owen has a different sound from the current honky tonk scene that is all over commercial radio and Country Music Television. While many of her songs have that familiar guitar twang that the country genre is known for, the instrumentalists that back Owen also dive into some melodic ideas that are reminiscent of contemporary adult pop music. What this means is that Rebecca Owen is more than just a country artist, and may even be able to appeal to people that aren’t usually into the genre.

Though I would like to see her continue to push the limits of what her voice is capable of, Rebecca Owen’s self titled debut showcases that not only does she have what it takes to appeal to country enthusiasts, but she also offers styles that will allow those usually turned off by country to appreciate her music as well. It’s a nice change from the current style of country that is on radio right now, as while there is nothing wrong with that style there are just too many artists playing it. Owen’s website is currently under construction and her Myspace seems to have been deleted, but here’s hoping that her career will continue down the road as she has what it takes to be a major player in the genre.

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