Ringworm/Mindsnare- Your Soul Belongs To Us

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, November 28, 2011

If there’s one thing that A389 has become known for other than crushing hardcore, it’s their killer mix of split EP’s and albums that put together well known names from the scene and sometimes give new faces an opportunity to flourish. One of their newest split is a 7 inch that unites two well known acts, Mindsnare and Ringworm. The release comes with a mini comic and each band offers two crushing tracks, making this a short but sweet EP that is sure to get plenty of air time.

The first two songs are contributed by Australian hardcore act Mindsnare, who have been around since 1993 and start off with a slightly slower pace before proceeding to steamroll over everything in their path. The instrumentals on these two tracks have a surprising amount of variety as even though the longest one is just barely three minutes long the tempo is constantly shifting and the riffs have plenty of hooks to grab the listener with. Admittedly it is the second song “Twist and Burn” that has the catchiest riff right near the end of the track, and I think it is that half-tempo section that has made me keep it on repeat for a good hour even though the song is two and a half minutes long. The vocals also move between different sounds, as both higher shrieks and low pitched growls make an appearance, giving Mindsnare a type of unpredictability that few bands can match.

Chances are good that you have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Ringworm’s side of this split, as their sound has stayed fairly consistent over the past two decades. The riffs are just as heavy hitting and aggressive as before, and lead singer Human Furnace still has one of the gruffest screams I’ve ever heard from this genre. Although there is definitely less variation between Ringworm’s two songs than there are between Mindsnare’s, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as this has always been the type of band that is able to keep listeners going with pure intensity rather than changing tempos or riff structures. Their side of the split ends in under five minutes, but these guys still have more intensity than anyone else and that’s something I can still appreciate after all of these years.

Mindsnare’s side is definitely what kept me coming back to this split release so often, but Ringworm also continues to impress with their sheer aggression and intimidating vocals. It’s definitely a short release, but it’s one that makes a big impact in that period of time and will surely warrant more than one spin from anyone that likes this genre. Plus I can always dig when labels put a little something extra into these 7 inches, so A389 gets props for including a comic book with the music.


Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by A389 Recordings

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