Rude- Soul Recall

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Friday, June 13, 2014

California death metal band Rude may have just released their debut full length Soul Recall a few weeks ago, but the group has been around in different incarnations since 2008. They began with this name before changing it to Forsaker in 2010 and heading in more of thrash influenced direction. That only lasted for about a year, as the Rude name was in use once again and the sound returned to old-school death metal. Soul Recall blazes a familiar path, offering up tracks that are reminiscent of different classics from the American and European death metal landscape of the 90s, but it’s one of the best representations of that style from a newer band that I’ve heard recently.

It isn’t particularly difficult for newcomers to have the same type of crunchier, dense sound that was so common in death metal’s earlier days but it is harder for them to pull it off in a way that actually makes their material stand out. Rude definitely has the sound down perfectly, as Soul Recall has been recorded in a way that makes it feel like it could’ve come out during the early to mid-90s timeframe. Not only that, but all of the instruments are all easy to make out in the mix and unlike the majority of modern death metal you can actually make out the bass! It makes a significant difference, as the bass really fills out the sound and when it pops out and takes the spotlight for a brief moment here and there it caught my attention. When it comes to songwriting Rude sticks with the faster paced meets slower, lumbering sections approach but they do it extremely well and there are individual riffs that stand out. My favorite number on the album is “Conjuring of Fates” which starts and ends with a somber melody that gets under your skin while offering some heavy hitting, constantly changing death metal in the middle. It’s eight and a half minutes in length but the instrumentalists are able to keep things interesting for that entire period of time, and that’s something a lot of groups in this genre tend to have problems with.

So the instrumental work makes an impression, but what about the vocals? Singer/guitarist Yusef Wallace has a pitch that is sure to remind quite a few listeners of Martin van Drunen, and that’s definitely a good thing. There’s that same type of howling and raw energy present in his delivery, and while it’s not the exact same pitch it’s quite close. I’ve always found that whenever death metal bands can pull off this particular style of vocals that I enjoy them quite a bit, and it certainly helped Rude grab my attention early on. As with the instrumentals, the mix on Soul Recall allows the vocals some space and they’re able to break free and steal the spotlight on quite a few occasions.

The amount of death metal that comes across my desk on a monthly basis is fairly large, and there are always plenty of bands going for the old school sound. But Rude really left an impression in a way that many of the other submissions I’ve received have been unable to, as Soul Recall not only gets the sound down perfectly but has substance to back it up. There’s still room left for these guys to go even further considering this is only their debut full length, but if you’re a death metal fan I’d say that Rude might be one of the better American acts you’ll hear this year.

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