Rudimentary Peni- No More Pain

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, December 8, 2008

Rudimentary Peni has been one of those bands that listeners have found hard to categorize since their formation in 1980. Some have tried to group them with the anarcho-punk movement, which their music does have elements of, but Rudimentary Peni has always been known for its off the wall and unique styles. After a nearly four year break between releases, the group has returned with a new 10 song EP entitled No More Pain. And although this disc is extremely similar in style to the band’s last effort, it is still a noteworthy release from an act that has lasted longer than most.

No More Pain is very similar in style to 2004’s Archaic EP, which saw Rudimentary Peni continuing to explore slightly slower tempos than they had been known for in the past. Each track on this release still hits the listener with fuzzed out and heavy riffs, the pace is at a consistently mid tempo and methodical pace. Newer listeners may find that the songs start to blend together in the 19 minutes that this disc lasts for, but veterans will likely note that this has been the case for awhile and that the hooks on No More Pain are just as good as on Archaic. And not only that, but Rudimentary Peni may be the only band of their type crazy enough to do a punk/crust version of a classical music piece.

Vocalist Nick Blinko has always been one of the craziest around, and though his style has calmed down just slightly since the 1980’s he still has a unique pitch that no one in the genre has been able to come close to yet. His style is distorted and noisy yet wholly understandable, allowing listeners to explore the twisted lyrical content and mind of the mysterious Blinko. Although I use the word calmer to describe the vocals this time around, it should be noted that because Blinko’s style was so spastic and schizophrenic in the first place that this still means his screaming/singing is more aggressive than most.

No More Pain almost puts itself in danger of being predictable simply because it is so similar to Archaic. This is not necessarily a bad thing due to the fact that the riffs are still great, but fans will likely note that Rudimentary Peni is not the type of band that would usually be expected to be described as predictable. But despite that, long time fans will find that even after nearly 28 years of existence that the band can still put out competent material and will enjoy the 19 minutes that the EP lasts for. As for newcomers, I would definitely recommend getting Rudimentary Peni’s earlier releases first just to see exactly how spastic and insane they were when they first formed.

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