Rusted Dawn- The Black Tides of War

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, March 14, 2010

I can’t even begin to count the number of thrash albums that I have reviewed over the past two years or so. Since the thrash revival began a little while back, Cosmos Gaming has been assaulted with so many genre releases that it can be hard to remember what they all individually sound like. But thankfully Canada’s Rusted Dawn has attempted to distinguish themselves on their debut album The Black Tides of War. By mixing in elements of hardcore punk and a little grindcore in with the traditional thrash, these guys have a chance of standing above the generic acts and could become a name you’ll know in the years to come.

Let’s get one thing straight: the primary style throughout the course of The Black Tides of War is thrash. Just about every track features the familiar fast paced drum and guitar work that listeners have come to expect from the genre, and as one might expect the instrumentalists throw in some blistering solos. But what you may not be expecting are the occasional blasts of hardcore punk and grindcore influences (and at times there is even a hint of power violence). Songs such as “By the Hammer of Thor” and “Stigmantis” are the best examples of this, and they hit with such aggression that it will take quite a few people by surprise. Rusted Dawn should definitely expand on some of these influences, as it is what is helping them to stand out right now.

Vocalist Jeremy Goddard utilizes the standard thrash scream for the majority of the album, meaning that his voice is powerful but listeners will be able to understand all of the lyrics without the album booklet. However, as the instrumentals ramp up in intensity and get faster and heavier Goddard attempts to match them and yells at the top of his lungs which gives extra emphasis to these particular passages. If you love thrash chances are that you will enjoy the vocal arrangements and this certainly gives the group a bit of an edge.

There is still plenty of room for Rusted Dawn to expand on their outside influences and create material that doesn’t always turn into straightforward thrash, but their debut is enjoyable and has enough differences to make the band stand out. I get the feeling that there are much bigger and better things still to come from these guys, but for now they have my attention and are an exciting newcomer.

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