Sabaton- Attero Dominatus

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, February 11, 2008

Originally released back in 2006, Sabaton’s Attero Dominatus is finally hitting the US. For the uninitiated, Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band that is notorious for having albums themed around warfare with song lyrics to match. Attero Dominatus is no different, with a Latin title that translates to Destroy Tyranny and plenty of material themed around historical wars. Offering up some epic tracks along with vocals that are different from your average power metal affair, this is one band worth checking out.

What helps Sabaton to stand out are their vocals. Rather than the extremely high pitched cheesy singing that most power metal bands provide, this group has much lower vocals. The main vocalist, Joakim Broden has a very powerful and commanding voice that gives Sabaton’s music an epic feeling when matched with the backing choruses. Though some of the songs are a little redundant (tracks such as “Nuclear Attack” repeat the same lines over and over again making them feel somewhat limited) overall the material on this disc is great.

Attero Dominatus is extremely similar to the group’s previous album, Primo Victoria. However, considering that release consisted of top notch power metal and ballad tracks this isn’t that big of a deal. This time around the group has slightly better production values and even tighter chops than before, though the songs aren’t always as catchy as they were on the previous album. However, thanks to some great solos give this release some time and you’re sure to find yourself humming along to it at some point or another.

Sabaton’s newest album may not be that different from its predecessor but that is certainly not a bad thing considering that they may currently be one of the better power metal groups on the market. Attero Dominatus is a must for any fan of the genre, and will hopefully get this band’s name out there now that it has finally gotten a US release. But at the same time, here’s hoping the group’s upcoming album (due out sometime this year) offers further progression over the solid base offered on this release.

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