Sara Melson- Dirty Mind

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, July 20, 2008

In addition to being a great resource for the indie pop and electronica fans, Nettwerk Records has also proven themselves to have a great lineup of singer/songwriters. Once again the label has discovered another talented artist, Sara Melson, who offers seductive and hopeful Americana/rock on her debut full length Dirty Mind. And though there are a number of artists that you could compare Melson to, this singer/songwriter impresses with her catchy tunes and self produced sound.

Sara Melson’s music is a little more mainstream sounding than some of the other artists on the Nettwerk label, thanks to its deep Americana and folk sensibilities. But she also seems to want to rock out, as many of the songs on this album feature up-tempo and louder guitar riffs. The riffs match Melson’s voice perfectly and offer quite a bit of energy. This is made even more impressive by the fact that Dirty Mind was entirely self produced. It sounds as though a professional production team polished this disc for mass media consumption, and that says a lot for Melson’s production capabilities.

While the instrumentals are nice, what will make this album a keeper for most is the singing and lyrical content. Sara Melson has a wonderful voice filled with melody, and there are quite a few songs on this disc that are sweet and seductive. But don’t mistake this to be just another album that talks about love for its entirety as the lyrical content offers much more than that. One can tell that Melson has had relationship issues before (as this is mentioned in her songs), but unlike other artists of this type her lyrics are hopeful and inspire rather than depress. It works well, and make this an album worth experiencing.

Sara Melson is off to an impressive start. Her production abilities helps her music to stand out and sound like that of a big budget, mainstream artist and her singing and lyrical content will attract listeners from far and wide. In addition to this, her lyrical content has variety and this means that future offerings aren’t likely to become stale as it seems that Melson has a lot to talk about. In an industry where female singer/songwriters are the norm, there is definitely a place for Sara Melson and hopefully listeners will notice this.

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