Sea Sick- Sea Sick

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, September 11, 2008

It is always nice to find new music. Although to a certain degree listeners enjoy discovering more about the artists they know, there is always a pleasant sense of discovery when one finds a band they were previously unfamiliar with or had simply not listened to before. Such is the case with Brooklyn based Sea Sick, a newer group whose debut self titled EP is filled with a variety of different styles for listeners to discover. Mixing elements of indie rock, shoe gaze, and even a little electronica, Sea Sick is definitely on to something with their debut EP and are sure to hook anyone who gives them a shot.

One of the main reasons that Sea Sick is so appealing is due to their vocalist Jasmine Golestaneh. She has a wonderful voice that has quite a bit of energy to it, and Golestaneh often alternates between energetic almost punk like delivery and laid back, seductive melodies. At times her voice has a hint of Bjork like ranges to it, showcasing that perhaps there is more complexity to her delivery and pitch than one might initially think. And when added to the thought provoking and sometimes metaphorical lyrics this release definitely showcases its true potential. I would like to see Jasmine further explore some of the higher ranges of her vocal abilities, but this is more of a preference than a flaw on the band’s part.

The instrumentals are constantly changing styles from track to track, and Sea Sick seems to have a good idea of how to make each one work. The EP opens with a softer indie rock sounding song, but other tracks such as “Come for the Fall” border on shoe gaze and trip hop styles as well. Occasionally the instrumentalists hit with harder edged riffs, but the majority of the songs seem to be going for mellower and melodic styles that fit well with one another. It is nice to see a band integrate so many different genres into their music and pull them off successfully, making this group one to watch.

Sea Sick is an impressive group that showcases more variety and versatility than many of the current indie bands on the market right now. Although it would help the band a lot if Jasmine Golestaneh were to make even further use of her wide range of vocal pitches, for now the band is off to a great start. Hopefully someone recognizes this and offers Sea Sick a recording contract, as there are a number of labels where they could fit in very nicely.

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