Slipknot- (Sic)ness (DVD)

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Thursday, October 7, 2010

(Sic)ness is listed as “Live from Download” but the package features a second DVD with footage from more than just Download. Footage is shown from their hometown show in Des Moines, Iowa as well as shows from the All Hope is Gone tour stops in Tokyo, LA and Moscow. Directed by Slipknot’s-own, Clown, this first DVD features a lot of behind-the-scenes and back stage footage including guitarist Jim Root and bassist Paul Gray playing patti cake before going on stage, warm ups, pranks and other fun things you don’t usually see (I won’t go into much more detail because it’ll ruin the fun of watching it yourself). At the end of Disc 1, after the credits roll, the screen goes black and it plays Slipknot’s “’Til We Die” in its entirety, a chilling homage to their fallen brother Paul Gray.

Disc 2 is where the money is, featuring the full performance at Download along with music videos for “Snuff” (including one of the making-of), “Psychosocial”, “Dead Memories” and “Sulfer”.

The metal world was struck a serious blow on May 24, 2010 when Slipknot bassist Paul Gray passed away. In his honor, the band decided to release a DVD of one of Paul’s final shows with the band and arguably the biggest show the band had ever played. On June 13, 2009, Slipknot headlined the second day of the Download Festival at Donington Park in front of over 80,000 fans. Corey Taylor said it best, “We’re fucking here! Oh my God, welcome to a dream come true, my family and friends. It took a long time, but god damnit Slipknot is here, headlining fucking DOWNLOAD!”

Unlike the majority of people who will review this DVD, I have a unique perspective. I was actually at this show. I got to experience it first hand, not just through my DVD player.

As the sun slowly sets behind Donington, “742617000027” starts playing through the speakers and the ‘Knot slowly stroll onto the stage. Drummer Joey Jordison comes out first, scouring at the crowd from behind his drum kit. He was followed closely by percussionists Clown and Chris Fehn, bassist Paul Gray, guitarists Mick Thomson and Jim root, DJ Sid Wilson, Samples expert Craig Jones and finally by the masked commander, vocalist Corey Taylor. As Corey gives the devil horns to the massive crowd, the band immediately starts into “(Sic)”, the perfect way to start the show. Slipknot played the first 3 songs of their debut album in quick secession and finally led into “Get This” and the rest of their greatest hits.

Over the course of the next hour and twenty minutes, Slipknot would play some of their biggest hits like “People=Shit”, “Duality”, “Dead Memories” and “Before I Forget”, while bringing back some songs they haven’t played in awhile like “Left Behind” and “Vermilion”.

“(Sic)ness”, overall, is a very good DVD. Disc 1 seems to be more geared towards die-hard fans than casual ones, but disc 2 has something for everyone, new fans or old. I remember watching their “Disasterpiece” DVD years ago and being blown away by their live show. While the insanity of their live show has been slightly scaled back over the years, Slipknot still know how to put on one hell of a show and “(Sic)ness” definitely displays that. It was nice for me to relive my time at Download through this DVD and I can safely say this DVD captures the insanity that took place.

Final verdict: Get this [DVD] or Die!

Full Disclosure: Review copy purchased by author

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