Ssion- Fool’s Gold

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Make no doubt about it; Ssion is quite possibly some of the catchiest and trashiest electro pop music that you’ll ever get addicted to. That sentence may seem like a large contradiction, but one listen to Cody Critcheloe’s bizarre musical group will reveal a sound like no other. Fool’s Gold is the newest release from this sleazy yet seductive band, and though the majority of the listening public won’t understand what the hell is going on fans of groups such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Show is the Rainbow will find this release to be brilliant.

The reason that Ssion fits in so well with the aforementioned groups would have to be their bizarre and extremely blunt lyrics. With songs such as “Street Jizz” and “Warm Glove” that contain lyrics on par with their names one almost feels dirty to listen to some of these songs but is drawn in never the same. There are several vocalists present throughout this release, with Cody Critcheloe’s high pitched feminine voice being the main focus on many of them. Certainly this sort of material is only suited for a specific audience, but many listeners might be surprised at just how well the shock tactics on Fool’s Gold work.

Ssion’s instrumentals are very much like electro pop, though it seems as though they have thrown in a few random instrumentals for good measure. The majority of this album features songs that listeners can dance to, as there is a distinctive focus on providing a backing beat that will get people making. But underneath that simplistic base are a variety of different instruments that make each song different from the last and will make Fool’s Gold an album people go back to time and time again.

Fool’s Gold showcases a band that is dedicated to shocking audiences and doing something completely different from the norm, and it works very well. Though the mainstream may find some of Ssion’s material hard to take in, I’m very sure that the underground and indie fans will continue to eat this stuff up and champion this group as one of the best.

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