Tetragrammacide- Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Iron Bonehead has been exposed me to a lot of fantastic underground metal acts that I might have missed otherwise, and they’ve once again managed it with Indian black/death metal band Tetragrammacide. Compared to a lot of the other bands on their roster, this may just be one of the noisiest as the Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ EP offers twenty one minutes of sheer destruction that could just as easily be classified as harsh noise rather than under the black/death metal spectrum. It’s one of those releases that only those with a taste for the most extreme and abrasive music out there will be able to fully appreciate, but if you’re one of those people crank this one up and prepare for utter chaos.

There’s a significant difference between metal bands that use an analog or lo-fi production values because of budget issues and those that do it purposefully for the aesthetic and style that it brings to their assault. Tetragrammacide fits the later, as this isn’t simply black/death metal that is relying on an insane amount of noise to cover up amateur level playing. If you’re willing to dive beneath the surface and the ear piercing volume that the guitars and drums are playing at, you’ll find quite a bit of structure to both the riffing and drum beats, albeit with an emphasis on blasting your eardrums into submission and with plenty of breaks for extra noise to seep in. It’s one of those efforts that is best taken as a whole rather than in individual pieces, as while the instrumentals aren’t repeating the same ideas from one song to the next the emphasis on speed does make them sound quite similar. But what a ride that twenty one minutes is, as once you turn this one on everything around you turns into utter destruction and violence until the final minutes of the outro have come to an end. Few groups have been able to capture this in the way that Tetragrammacide has, as the walls of noise and speaker destroying volume is used as a weapon throughout the EP until absolutely nothing is left. You can’t really fully categorize it into the black/death metal or noise spectrums, as it touches upon all of these areas simultaneously without fully falling into any one area for too long. Considering the volume and noise level, there’s also a surprising amount of separation between the instruments, making it a bit easier to hone in on the unrelenting drumming or speed driven riffing if you desire.

With the way that this material was recorded, the vocals function as an extension of the dense wall of noise rather than as a separate element. This definitely isn’t a bad thing, as the harsher reverberate over the frantic riffing and sometimes reach just as abrasive levels which makes the overall noise that much harsher. For the most part the screaming and shrieking stays at around the same level and consistently bludgeons you, though during the interludes there are some other elements added into the mix. Both the intro and outro have more bizarre sounding vocals that have a more tortured sound to them, with some additional sound clips thrown in that are a bit hard to make out. Even when these sections come in and seem to offer a bit of a respite from the blasting, they’re still noisy and unpredictable which fits in perfectly with the rest of the EP.

There are plenty of metal bands that have utilized an analog, lo-fi sound but few have pulled it off in the way Tetragrammacide has. This isn’t amateurish black or death metal masked by “raw, kvlt” production, but chaotic blasting that actually has some structure and has been given the noisiest and most abrasive tonality possible in order to fully attack and destroy listeners. It’s likely quite a few of you out there won’t get this at all, dismissing it as mere noise, and that’s perfectly fine as the group likely doesn’t care at all whether you understand what they’re doing or not. But if you’re like me and are willing to embrace the speaker destroying capabilities and all out aural hellfire that Typhonian Wormholes: Indecipherable Anti-Structural Formulæ has to offer, strap yourself in and expect no mercy.


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