The Black Dahlia Murder- Majesty (DVD)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, June 16, 2009

After three full length releases The Black Dahlia Murder has finally released their first DVD, entitled Majesty. While a lot of groups have been putting out quick DVD releases to satisfy their fans in between albums, The Black Dahlia Murder’s showcases a lot more polish and care than that. Consisting of two discs and close to three hours of material, this is the type of release that really gives viewers an intimate look at the group and offers them plenty of bang for their buck.

The first disc of Majesty consists of a 2 hour documentary that chronicles just about everything you could hope to know about this group. While many bands put together documentaries that are maybe an hour long or so and are quick and to the point, The Black Dahlia Murder have thrown in as much footage together as they could. Chances are you will learn stuff about these guys that you didn’t necessarily want to know, but it really gives you a better look into who they are as people and what influences their music. Plus, it showcases that the band has a huge sense of humor and has fun with what they do, making them seem more like normal people than members of a metal band that is getting bigger every day. The documentary is admittedly put together in what seems to be the most random order possible, but whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran chances are you won’t be disappointed.

For some people just having a documentary that goes that in depth may have been enough, but Majesty contains an entire second disc that has some live footage taken from various venues and every single one of The Black Dahlia Murder’s music videos. This makes it so that one disc focuses on the band members and their antics while the other disc showcases what these guys have to offer musically. It’s a good setup and although people are more likely to watch the second disc with the live footage more they will appreciate having both the documentary and other material. The sound and video quality are also surprisingly good, and the footage that is offered on this DVD is definitely professional quality.

The Black Dahlia Murder’s first DVD is a welcome and worthy addition to their discography, and feels like it really showcases the personality of the band. This is definitely not just a cash in between albums despite the fact that it is likely to leave viewers wanting a new release from these guys. By combining a documentary, music videos, and live footage, this metal group has created the definitive look inside their world that their fans will want.

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