The Snake the Cross the Crown- Cotton Teeth

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Snake The Cross The Crown’s newest album may be one of the biggest surprises of 2007. While many bands are content to push generic sounding rock, emo, and indie among the general listening public, this band has chosen to instead take a step back and explore a mixture of folk, country and rock. The resulting album, Cotton Teeth, is an extremely refreshing listen that will bring to mind artists such as Bob Dylan. And while the album may be a bit slower than what some of the rock crowd is currently listening to, Cotton Teeth is a refreshing change of pace from the norm that just about anyone should be able to absorb.

At its very core, Cotton Teeth is a laid back folk rock esque album. But what helps to set it apart from the pack would have to be the sense of atmosphere that quite a few of the songs create. On tracks such as “Hey Jim”, synthesizers are added to the light drum work and lower pitched guitar melodies to create a sound that listeners can just kick back and groove to. Admittedly a few of the songs (such as the opener “Cakewalk”) do drag just a tad bit, but not enough to make them annoying. While this album isn’t quite as acoustic as many other folk albums, the programmed elements help to make The Snake The Cross The Crown’s music sound that much more unique.

Three out of the four members of The Snake The Cross The Crown do some kind of singing throughout the course of the album, and this works extremely well. All three have extremely likeable voices, and can hold their own when the instrumentals fade out to highlight the vocals. Especially on an album on this style, the vocals must be able to hold their own without any or very little instrumentals backing them up, and the vocals on Cotton Teeth definitely do the job. Style wise the singing is close to indie/folk with a hint of country, but not to the point that country haters will not want to touch this release.

Cotton Teeth is definitely one that needs to be experienced by as many people as possible, as its sound could potentially appeal to many different kinds of listeners. With a laid back and atmospheric folk rock style of sound, The Snake The Cross The Crown have produced an album that is worth taking note of. This is one of those special kinds of albums that one can put on, sit back, and just completely soak in. Check it out.

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