Thin Lizzy- Are You Ready? (DVD)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fans of Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy have certainly had a lot of live material to choose from in recent years. In addition to the Still Dangerous CD that came out last year, the group also had another old performance released in the form of Are You Ready? This DVD from Eagle Rock Entertainment offers the group’s 1981 concert for German television show Rockpalast, and has a mixture of well known hits and rarities. And while diehard fans will find it to be a worthy addition to their collection those who aren’t overly familiar with the band may want to pass on this and pick up some other material.

This particular performance came towards the later part of the band’s career, and as such the set list on this DVD is split between songs that Thin Lizzy is known for and ones that casual fans may not have heard. It’s a bit of an interesting choice considering that this show was for German television but seeing as the band plays for almost two solid hours (including several encores) it makes sense that the group would go for some of their lesser known work. However, despite the fact that they played such a long set it does seem as though it wore some of the members. In particular, the guitar work and singing tends to vary in quality from song to song and by the end of the set vocalist Phil Lynott starts to sound as though he is struggling to keep going. Thin Lizzy wasn’t necessarily at the top of their game for this performance but there are enough noteworthy moments to keep dedicated fans entertained.

While there are no extras on Are You Ready? Eagle Rock has compensated for this by pricing the DVD at about $12. Considering that the performance is so lengthy, this seems like an appropriate price point. But what one of the main issues with this DVD is the picture quality. Even for 1981 the picture quality isn’t the greatest and whenever there is a close up of one of the band members there are black bars across the screen. This isn’t that big of a deal but viewers who are used to more modern musical DVDs may find it to be a bit disappointing.

If you’re a casual fan or aren’t really that familiar with Thin Lizzy, then I would recommend checking out their studio albums and some of their other live material first. However, if you’re a diehard fan or just want to experience what the band’s live performances were like from different time periods, the cheap price point still makes this a worthy addition to your collection.

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