Trust Company- Dreaming in Black and White

By Chip Tamplin

Published on Thursday, November 4, 2010

After releasing their debut album, The Lonely Position of Neutral in 2002, Trust Company were thrust into the national spotlight on the heels of their monstrously popular single “Downfall”. In 2005, they released their follow-up album, True Parallels and shortly after, due to internal conflicts (mostly with their old label, Geffen), the band members decided to go their separate ways. After a few years apart, the band settled their differences and decided to reunite. Without a label, though, their reunion plans seemed to sputter. After a few years of supporting themselves, they were signed by E1/Koch Records, which brings us to their first major-label CD in over five years, Dreaming in Black and White.

When True Parallels was released, one of my main problems with it was that it sounded too over-produced and seemed to lack the “raw” feel that The Lonely Position of Neutral brought to the rock scene. Dreaming in Black and White has none of those problems. From start to finish, Dreaming in Black and White blends the raw hard rock feel of The Lonely Position of Neutral with the maturity of True Parallels and adds in a few new elements of rock to the melting pot that is Trust Company.

At first glance, Dreaming in Black and White sounds like your typical Trust Company album. Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Kevin Palmer has the same unique vocal style present on their previous two outings, but when you listen to his lyrics they’re much more mature and deep. Kevin has always had a way of making the listener feel every bit of emotion he puts into each song, but this is on a whole new level. This is most apparent on the song “Alone Again”. Kevin’s maturity isn’t the only new aspect brought into the mix. The dual-guitar playing between Kevin and lead guitarist James Fukai is much more distinct and intricate compared to previous releases. This is most evident during “Almost There”, which features an awesome guitar solo. While there are a few mellower songs slightly reminiscent of “The Fear”, the majority of Dreaming in Black and White is a hard-hitting rock album that will knock you on your ass as soon as the opener “Close Your Eyes (‘Till It’s Over)” kicks in and won’t give you much breathing room until the end. It’s almost all “rise”, with very little “fall”.

It’s hard to imagine a band, with all of the obstacles to climb back up in the rock world that Trust Company has had to deal with, could come out swinging with the intensity that Dreaming in Black and White has. Whether you’ve been a fan of Trust Company since the beginning or you’re discovering them for the first time, you’ll be hard-pressed to deny how amazing this album really is. Dreaming in Black and White is easily their hardest-hitting and mature album to date and will be sure to take them to the next level of rock-stardom.

While the entire album is as close to perfection as any album I’ve listened to in recent memory, after several listens, the songs I couldn’t stop listening to were: “Stumbling”, “Reverse and Remember” and “Alone Again”. Their current single “Heart in My Hands” is currently tearing up the radio and will hope to bring plenty of attention to the band in the months to come until the release of this album.

Dreaming in Black and White is easily a 10/10. Anything lower than that would just be shameful.

Dreaming in Black and White will be released on February 8, 2011 via E1/Koch Records. For more information on Trust Company please visit the following:

Full Disclosure: Review copy provided by E1 Music

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