Twisted Sister- Live At The Astoria (DVD)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Twisted Sister is one of those hard rock/heavy metal bands that just about everyone knows, whether they only know of the group through vocalist Dee Snider’s cameos on various VH1 shows or were exposed to them through their videos on MTV in the 1980’s. Although there have been periods where the various members have gone their separate ways, in recent years Twisted Sister has been active again. One of their most noteworthy moments was the 2004 performance at the Astoria in London, which the band has now documented in the form of the CD/DVD compilation Live At The Astoria. And surprisingly, despite the age of many of the members this compilation represents the group at their best.

Dee Snider and the rest of Twisted Sister immediately launch into some great hard rock/heavy metal, and what will impress most viewers is just how much energy every member of the band has. Despite the fact that every member is either in their early or mid 50’s, they have more energy and stage presence than many of today’s younger bands. The instrumental prowess of the group is still very impressive as well, and while playing hits such as “We’re Not Gonna Take It” they demonstrate just how good their chops still are. Live At the Astoria offers 14 tracks and 2 encores that span many of Twisted Sister’s hits as well as some other fan favorite tracks, and this lengthy set is sure to be appreciated by casual and diehard fans. The video and audio quality may not be perfect but are still decent and do a good job of replicating the live experience. Oddly enough it seems like the bonus audio CD that compiles all of the tracks from the DVD has slightly lower audio quality, but it isn’t a big deal and most people will be sure to appreciate its inclusion.

If you like Twisted Sister don’t hesitate to pick up Live At The Astoria as not only is it a great demonstration of their current ability and high energy performances, but it’s arguably one of the better shows they’ve put on in quite some time. The inclusion of an entire live CD is icing on the cake, and if you’re still open to the bands from the “hair metal” generation this deserves a spot in your collection. The days of their music being played on MTV may be over, but based on this DVD/CD it seems that Twisted Sister’s career is far from finished.

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