Voodoo Circle- Broken Heart Syndrome

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Apparently I missed out on Voodoo Circle when they formed back in 2008, and after hearing this year’s Broken Heart Syndrome I’m wishing that wasn’t the case. The hard rock band is a supergroup of sorts and features musicians who have been a part of groups such as Silent Force, Primal Fear, and Sinner. Broken Heart Syndrome finds the band regrouping and offering up 13 songs for over an hour’s worth of music, and while it may be a lot of material to absorb never once does the album seem repetitive or dull making it one of the highlights in the genre.

Like so many of the classic acts in the genre, the guitar leads and keyboard arrangements are what keep almost every single song sounding different from the last and keep the listener engaged. Voodoo Circle offers just about every type of track that you would expect, as there are blues heavy mid-tempo numbers, slower ballads, and even some up-tempo arrangements that incorporate some of the power metal roots that most of these musicians come from. No matter which direction the instrumentalists decide to go in, they know how to create memorable hooks that are bursting with energy and even after an hour has passed listeners will not feel as though the group has started to repeat themselves. There are a number of different bands that Voodoo Circle could be compared to and at times their influences are obvious, but once you start listening to Broken Heart Syndrome I suspect none of this will matter as you will be absorbed in the killer riffs.

Voodoo Circle features David Readman on vocals, who has been a part of a wide variety of different bands over the years. He has a strong voice that doesn’t quite have the same range as some of the others out there, but he does have a nice mix of high and mid-range pitches that is well suited to the instrumental arrangements. I definitely enjoyed Readman’s performance throughout the course of the album, and his voice does have enough of its own nuances that it helps the group to stand out from many of the others out there. From what I’ve seen he has had some solo work as well as been involved in other projects, so I’d be curious to find out if his performance on Broken Heart Syndrome is one of his best or not.

I have had a lot of music of this type come my way over the past few months, and Voodoo Circle is one of the few acts that has really stuck with me. These guys are great at what they do and I expect to return to Broken Heart Syndrome regularly throughout the rest of the year. If you’ve got a soft spot for blues influenced rock ‘n roll and heavy metal, then don’t miss out on this group as they’re one of the better acts to come out of Europe in recent years.


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