We Insist!- Oh! Things Are So Corruptible

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, January 5, 2009

We Insist! is one of those bands that is extremely hard to classify for even those who consider themselves music aficionados. Formed in 1995, this French based rock band has continued to morph into an avant-garde and progressive rock act that has a style all their own. Although there are elements of their latest album Oh! Things Are So Corruptible that are familiar, as a whole this release is really like nothing else out there right now and will both challenge and reward listeners who give it a chance.

For those that have been following We Insist! throughout the years, this album has some of their most mainstream elements to date. However, this doesn’t mean that the band isn’t as weird as ever. While Oh! Things Are So Corruptible has some riffs that would fit in with older alternative rock and psychedelic rock styles, their constantly changing time signatures and use of brass instruments in many of their songs give the album an avant-garde nature. This means that due to the more mainstream styles listeners could technically listen to this album without giving it their full attention, but they would miss quite a lot. There are so many subtle elements at work on this release that they really demand people pay attention, making this a slightly more challenging listen than others in the genre.

As impressive as the instrumentals are, they are eclipsed by the fact that lead vocalist Etienne Gaillochet is also the band’s drummer. I’m not exactly sure how he is able to control his voice as well as he does while playing some of the complicated drum arrangements on this album and changing time signatures seemingly on a dime, but he definitely pulls it off. In addition to this Gaillochet has a great hold on the English language and uses a more diverse vocabulary and pronunciation than many American singers. Admittedly due to his accent and fast paced delivery he can still be just a little bit hard to understand, but his sometimes manic style will definitely hook listeners.

Oh! Things Are So Corruptible is an extremely eclectic album that should put We Insist! on the map for many listeners. Granted you will have to possess a taste for music that can often be a bit strange and unconventional, but if you have that ability then don’t pass this disc up. We Insist! has definitely written their best album yet and have also provided yet another stellar release for the Exile on Mainstream Records lineup.


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