Weekend Nachos- Still

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, November 14, 2013

Weekend Nachos has consistently been one of my favorite powerviolence/hardcore acts over the last few years, as the band has been able to put together great material that has plenty of crazy riffs and sheer intensity. Each of their albums has had familiar elements but emphasized something different, avoiding the problem this genre sometimes faces where all the albums from a band sound a little too similar to each other. This year’s Still full length comes two years after Worthless, and it finds Weekend Nachos once again making tweaks to their sound while continuing to offer distinguishable songs. At twenty one and a half minutes in length it’s also the shortest out of their last couple of releases, but after the first time through anyone that’s into this type of heavy hitting powerviolence and hardcore will want to hit the repeat button.

Still definitely sounds like a Weekend Nachos album, but this time around there seems to be even more all-out blasting and mid-tempo breaks that have an old school hardcore vibe. Worthless had a number of sections where the instrumentals slowed down significantly and went full on sludge, and while there are still moments where the band heads back in this direction I didn’t feel like they were quite as prominent as before. Instead, there seems to be an even greater emphasis on fast, constantly changing riffs and brute force. The instrumentals hit hard and switch gears pretty quickly, but even when the songs last for less than a minute they are able to establish some catchier grooves and riffs that make them distinguishable from one another. In this aspect I think Weekend Nachos is still one of the best currently active bands playing this particular style, as they’re able to hit the bone shattering intensity and dirtier tonality that makes powerviolence and grind so appealing but the songs don’t all blur together into one giant blast. My biggest surprise of this release had to be “Watch You Suffer” though, as this track is one of the longest on the album and after a mix of fast and mid-tempo sections the instrumentals head into a super slow sludgy section where it sounds like there’s an organ playing in the background. These types of little details are present on some of the shorter numbers but really stand out here, and make it clear that Weekend Nachos isn’t afraid to branch out a bit from what one might consider to be the standard template for these genres.

Lead singer John Hoffman continues to utilize a lower pitched scream that’s as in your face as possible, and maybe it has just been a little while since I listened to the band’s last few records but I feel like there’s even more range to his performance than before. Starting with Worthless he started to break away from some of the super gruff, low screams and head into some slightly higher ranges and this definitely seems to have been expanded upon even further on Still. There are also the much higher pitched screams from one of the other members that continue to be a staple of Weekend Nachos’ sound, and they help to fill out the vocal performance. If you’ve heard anything from these guys before the performance should feel familiar, but the intensity is at a peak level and there’s even more variation than before which strengthens the material as a whole.

They may put out material on a regular basis, but Weekend Nachos seems to always be changing and branching out a bit more while still maintaining the heavy hardcore riffs and all out grind/powerviolence blasting that they’ve offered from the very beginning. Still might sound similar initially, but dive deeper and you’ll find these guys have explored some different ideas and aren’t merely repeating what they’ve done before. If you’re looking for a record that’ll blow you away with intensity but still have standout moments, this is exactly what you need.


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