Wild Moccasins- Skin Collision Past

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Monday, April 12, 2010

Indie pop/rock is just about everywhere these days, and it can often be hard to distinguish a lot of the bands from one another. But every once in awhile, a group comes along that has mesmerizing melodic riffs and songs that really stick with you. For me, that band was Wild Moccasins who formed in Houston, Texas and recently finished their debut album Skin Collision Past. While they have a standard indie pop base, there are also elements of 90’s alternative rock and shoegaze present in their material and this should help their album to appeal to the masses.

The vocals on Skin Collision Past are split between guitarist Cody Swan and keyboardist Zahira Gutierrez, and they share the spotlight fairly equally. Both have very melodic voices that complement one another and they often sing together on the choruses of each song in order to create some very soothing and laid back harmonies. Wild Moccasins seems to understand that having two vocalists that work together towards a common sound works far better than having two that duel for the listener’s attention, and they have used this philosophy to their advantage.

Wild Moccasins is hardly what I would consider to be your average indie pop/rock act as they display a wide variety of influences on this album. There are light hearted, melodic tracks that feel quirky and upbeat as well as shoegaze inspired songs that take a slightly more somber tone. What is immediately noticeable is that each song feels different from the last and it is clear that this band is always trying something new and experimenting with new melodic riffs and keyboard arrangements. In addition to this, listeners are sure to find themselves absorbed in the enchanting atmosphere that is created by the melodies. The entirety of Skin Collision Past has a dreamy feel to it and this will keep people coming back to listen to the album again and again.

Wild Moccasins is off to a great start and should be able to stand out among the hundreds of other indie pop bands that are already out there. With their variety of influences and mix of male/female vocals this group certainly seems to have a winning formula and if they can continue to write memorable songs than they will be sure to win over just about any listener. Here’s hoping that Skin Collision Past is just the beginning, as there is still a ton of potential for this act.


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