About Cosmos Gaming

Cosmos Gaming was created in 2005 by Chris Dahlberg and Sumit Dutta with the intention of providing quality gaming coverage to a wide variety of readers.  After initial success with video game reviews and features, the decision was made to expand the site to cover music as the two mediums were found to have a common audience.  The site has seen many writers contribute articles spanning a wide variety of musical genres and video game topics.

Over the years Cosmos Gaming has been powered by different software, beginning first with a customized CuteNews solution and later moving to Iris Compendium, a custom script developed and written by Sumit Dutta.  The current version of the site utilizes a highly modified WordPress installation that provides ease of use and powerful editing and media posting capabilities.  Sumit has moved on from actively developing the site and Cosmos Gaming is forever grateful for the level of technical expertise he was able to provide for so many years.

Currently Cosmos Gaming is owned and operated by Chris Dahlberg and Chip Tamplin along with a volunteer staff.  Our goal is to provide gaming and music coverage that informs readers of current industry news and products as well as critical assessments of the latest games, concerts and albums.  We hope to maintain a meaningful relationship with our readers, as they are the reason that we are still going strong today.

On behalf of everyone at Cosmos Gaming, we hope that you enjoy your visit and encourage you to leave comments and interact with our staff.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

-Chris Dahlberg and Chip Tamplin