By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pixelbomb Games has announced that their third person shooter Beyond Flesh and Blood has been greenlit on Steam less than two weeks after launching the campaign. The title is set to release in late 2014 for PC, with Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions planned for further down the road. The pre-alpha footage (which can be seen below) looks quite impressive, as it looks like the robot you control has very fluid movement and I like the overall look and feel the game is going for.

The developer says their next plan is to release a public pre-alpha demo, and have opened pre-orders for early access options. Pixelbomb says Steam Early Access is how they’re planning to move forward and that some form of that should be available in July. I’m looking forward to trying this one out, as a good shooter is always something I enjoy playing.

Here at Pixelbomb Games, we are overjoyed and humbled by the support we have received from the community over the last 13days, each and every one of you helped us get Greenlit with your up-votes and comments.

It is you, the community, who had the power to put us here and we are so very grateful to everyone who voted, shared our links, told your friends and helped spread the word about Beyond Flesh and Blood. We are also so thankful to the amazing journalists and media outlets that have covered our story!

Our community is very important to us, and we want to take all of you along with us on our journey – with regular updates on work in progress, developer diaries, exclusive content, the lot! It’s important we keep you all engaged with Beyond Flesh and Blood – we want to hear your voice, listen to your opinions and get your feedback.


The Next Step
The next big step for us here at Pixelbomb Games is to get a pre-alpha demo into your hands. Our hopes are that many of you play the pre-alpha demo and flood us with your feedback. We are also offering a pre-sale option via our website for those of you eager to jump aboard now. Soon after the demo we are planning to begin Steam early access, details of which are to be announced in the near future.

Once again, we cannot say thank you enough to all our supporters… the journey begins!


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Beyond Flesh and Blood
A graphically intense nod to the 3rd person shooter genre, Beyond Flesh and Blood challenges players to blast through multiple levels of hostile scavenger forces and mutating enemy threats on a mission to help reclaim the surface of earth – starting with dystopian Manchester.
Players jack into advanced multi-ability combat rigs and battle a range of formidable enemies and mech weapon systems across post apocalyptic Manchester, in fast paced gameplay that will push any players shooter skills to the limit.
Beyond Flesh and Blood will release on PC later this year, and the studio hope to release on XBOX One and Playstation 4 soon after.

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