EA Unleashes Five Launch Titles for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Electronic Arts is rolling out its launch titles for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, NBA Live 14 (not available on PS4 until the 19th), Madden NFL 25, and Need for Speed Rivals will all be available for both systems at launch. Based on the press release wording, it actually sounds like you can go pick them up now even though the consoles aren’t officially available.

FIFA, Madden, and Battlefield 4 all qualify for a $9.99 next gen upgrade if you already own a current gen version of either of the three titles. Need for Speed Rivals doesn’t launch on current gen systems until around the same time as next gen, so it doesn’t qualify for this particular offer. Check out full details and release dates for each title below.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new era of gaming begins now. Starting today, the first launch titles for next-generation consoles from Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) will be available at retail stores and on Origin.com. Gamers across North America will be able pick up copies of Battlefield 4™, FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 and Need for Speed™ Rivals for the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system this week, with NBA LIVE 14 joining the PS4™ line-up next week. EA’s next-gen titles will then be available worldwide for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, starting on November 22.

“Putting our next-gen titles into the hands of gamers for the first time this week is what we’ve been working towards for more than two years,” said Patrick Soderlund, EVP, EA Studios. “Each of our launch titles delivers massive gameplay innovation: we’ve got the best shooter on next-gen, three sports titles that will make you feel the action like never before, and a racing game that blends single-player and multiplayer into one connected world. Once you play next-gen, it will be hard to imagine playing anything else.”

Each EA title for the PS4 and Xbox One was built using one of two breakthrough game engines – EA SPORTS™ IGNITE or Frostbite™ 3. FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 and NBA LIVE 14 were developed using the EA SPORTS IGNITE engine, delivering human intelligence, true player motion and living worlds that bring the real world of sport to the console. Players think, move and behave like real athletes with environments that are as dynamic as real-world stadiums. Using the advanced technology of the Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 4 and Need for Speed Rivals deliver key multiplayer innovations, dynamic environments that adapt to each player and stunning gameplay that bring you right into the action.

For gamers who have already purchased the current-generation of Battlefield 4, FIFA 14 or Madden NFL 25, upgrade offers to transition to the PS4 and Xbox One consoles are available from select retailers for as low as $9.99. Visit here for more information.

Titles available for next-gen consoles at launch are:


Battlefield 4

Absolutely nothing compares to the sheer scale and scope of Battlefield 4. For the first time on console, Battlefield 4 multiplayer features epic 64-player battles running at a smooth 60 frames-per-second on next-gen consoles. Powered by the advanced technology of the Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 4 also introduces key multiplayer innovations including Levolution, where a dynamic environment reacts to the player’s every move to ensure no two games will ever be the same. Only in Battlefield 4 can players demolish the walls of a building that once shielded the enemy, lead an assault from the back of a gun boat or in the air piloting a jet. Battlefield 4 grants gamers the freedom to do more and be more and carve their own path to victory on massive, multiplayer maps.

Using Kinect One on Xbox One, players can peek and lean behind cover and use voice commands to lead their squad into battle. On PS4, players can utilize the gyroscope in the controller to allow players to lean as well as free look in vehicles. Battlefield 4 will also support the Vita remote play feature, allowing fans to get their Battlefield 4 fix while they are on the go.

Xbox One: November 19 in North America; November 22 in Europe
PlayStation 4: November 12 in North America; November 29 in Europe



FIFA 14 will feel alive with players who think, move, and behave like world-class players, and dynamic living stadiums. Players have four times the decision making ability and feel alive with human-like reactions, anticipation, and instincts. With 10 times more animation depth and detail than previous consoles, FIFA 14 delivers the dynamic movements and biomechanics of the world’s best athletes. Players are agile and athletic as they plant, pivot and cut, and explode out of each step. The increased fidelity has a game-changing effect on gameplay. Plus, for the first time ever, fans will feel the electricity of a living stadium as the emotions of new 3D crowds rise and fall around the stories on the pitch.

For customers who upgrade from current generation to new generation consoles, Ultimate Team roster, progress, in-game items and in-game currency (coins) are all accessible from either console. EA SPORTS Football Club level and XP, Seasons progress, including trophy case and leaderboards, Virtual Pro and accomplishments, and selected Career Mode rewards will also travel to the new consoles.

Xbox One: November 19 in North America; November 22 in Europe
PlayStation 4: November 12 in North America; November 29 in Europe


Madden NFL 25

Madden NFL 25, powered by EA SPORTS IGNITE, ushers in the next generation of sports games delivering the smartest and most realistic version of the game in the franchise’s 25 year history. Madden NFL 25 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 introduces innovative features such as True Step locomotion, Player Sense and War in the Trenches. Players think and anticipate across the field and every step is calculated, creating the most realistic player movement to date and providing unprecedented control. Up to 4x the texture resolution breathes new life into stadiums, crowds, the field, and even the ball itself. Combined with high-fidelity animations that deliver smooth and authentic looking player interactions, Madden NFL 25 delivers next definition visuals. Plus, players, crowds and announcers react intelligently and dynamically to the in-game action. New commentary adds additional layers of realism as Jim Nantz and Phil Simms reference past performances, demonstrating awareness of what’s happening in the Madden NFL universe.

Xbox One: November 19 in North America; November 22 in Europe
PlayStation 4: November 12 in North America; November 29 in Europe



Powered by EA SPORTS IGNITE, NBA LIVE 14 delivers the ultimate on court control, combining the art of basketball with the science of next generation technology. bounceTek, fueled by next-gen visual fidelity and up to 8x the processing power, unlocks a revolutionary new, physics-based dribbling system. Players perform more like their real-life counterparts than ever before, informed by 70+ stats and tendencies, updated not monthly, weekly or daily, but within one hour of every NBA game. With fresh content and challenges on a daily basis, NBA LIVE 14 delivers the pulse of the NBA…24/7/365.

Xbox One: November 19 in North America; November 22 in Europe
PlayStation 4: November 19 in North America; November 29 in Europe


Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals puts gamers behind the wheel of both sides of the law, daring them to cross the line as either a cop or racer in order to gain any advantage in the street’s ultimate rivalry. Powered by Frostbite 3, Need for Speed Rivals features stunning visuals including epic vistas, super high-fidelity cars, and dramatic time of day and weather effects. The intensity of the action is at an all-time high thanks to AllDrive, a revolutionary new feature that changes the way you will experience Need for Speed games in the next generation. By destroying the line between single player, co-op and multiplayer, AllDrive connects you and your friends seamlessly, so your races and chases can collide at any time in one racing world.

On PlayStation 4, Need for Speed Rivals will support Remote Play for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system. Playing on the PS Vita gives players the option of starting their races or chases on PlayStation 4 and finishing them on the go from their handheld. On the Xbox One, utilize voice commands and set waypoints to quickly jump into a pursuit or connect with friends with Kinect One.

Xbox One: November 22 in North America and Europe
PlayStation 4: November 15 in North America; November 29 in Europe

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