Collapse Interview

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, April 1, 2007

Collapse is the newest game from Buka and developer CreoTeam, a new developer comprised of industry veterans that have worked on many other PC titles. Collapse is a 3rd person action game, and should see release by the end of this year. With an emphasis on smoothly flowing combat, unique architecture, and a whole lot of back-story, Collapse should bring some unique touches to PC gamers everywhere. The game may still be a little ways off (as of right now it is due sometime by the end of the year), but I decided to have a chat with managing director Victor Blagomir to find out more about this exciting title.


To start things off, tell us a little about the company. This is CreoTeam’s first game, but have members of the company worked on previous titles elsewhere?

CreoTeam is a game development studio that consists of professionals who have worked in the gaming industry for years. The art director and leading game designer of Collapse also worked on Far Cry from beginning to end, as well as games such as Heroes of Might and Magic V, Perimeter, Maelstrom, Falling Stars, Time Zero, Berserk and others. The lead animator Sergey Saviak and the lead level designer Dmitriy Chugay were working on 80 Days, Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and others before working on Collapse. CreoTeam has grown tremendously over the last year and continues to search for the best industry employees.

The game description states that the game has elements of Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, and Devil May Cry. How are all of these elements being brought together into the game to create a seamless experience?

Ever since Collapse was first announced it has been compared to many titles, not just those that you mentioned. We think it is great that the project is associated with so many contemporary action games; however, we do not try to limit ourselves. Collapse has many unique features that none of the other games have. The world of Collapse is very well constructed and has its own philosophy. The Collapse universe comprises the depth and wisdom of a period spanning almost 100 years. You can gather information from letters, newspaper articles, written statements etc., solve puzzles, and discover new secrets. Captivating cinematic cut-scenes will help you to absorb the plot in a most entertaining way. All these details provide an immersive world that will captivate the player.

You will encounter 10 major characters, which all possess unique characteristics, abilities, individual properties and their own unique back stories. In addition, get ready for an army of enemies, starting with slow moving zombies and ending with well organized futuristic elite soldier squads.

The developers put the biggest emphasis on gameplay, which combines martial arts style fighting with blade weapons and firearms along with cutting edge game mechanics and graphics; all optimized for the PC. The player has the option to use many different weapons, thus choosing his/her own playing style and tactics. In addition, he/she will be able to use special attacks, which will influence time and dimension factors. Add exceptional battle dynamics and loads of destructible objects and you will love the cocktail that results! πŸ™‚

What other media (books, television, movies etc.) will influence the creation and development of Collapse, if any?

Of course we keep track of the modern media and try to collect the best of what we have read, heard, and watched to use this knowledge in our work. However, we aspire to be unique and to make a game which brings something really new to the player.

Explain some of the basic back story that will drive players forward throughout the game.

In 2013 there was a dreadful accident in Europe. They called it a collision of worlds or the stratification of two dimensions. The catastrophe was beyond the people’s comprehension and remained an unexplainable mystery. Lots of people were killed. Those who stayed alive were telling improbable stories, and the majority of Europe turned into a zone of paranormal phenomena.

Then there was 10 years of peace, but this ended with another phenomenon later named “The First Aggression”. Armies of unimaginable creatures rushed from the center of the zone, fiercely sweeping any opposition away. The first attack of the monsters led to incredible numbers of victims, and neither the army nor the scientists were ready to resist them, or even able to explain what happened. However, the attack ended and there came another brief respite. The monsters couldn’t survive in our world for long periods of time and died from an unknown disease.

The zone of the anomaly was fenced in by a special quarantine line – a wall of armor plates with mine fields and machine-gun jacks on the perimeter. Trying to understand what they were facing, the people created several scientific and military bases inside this perimeter, but all the attempts to study it failed. Eventually the equipment was damaged, and many inhabitants of the zone were lost without a trace. Those who survived almost forgot what humankind was and developed their own way of life, following not rules but anarchy. However, some people started to unite and created small clans, and at this time, the Lords emerged – an elite group of strong and powerful leaders.

The action of the game transfers us to 2096 – to the days of the Second Aggression, which has destroyed almost all the clans. Rodan is the only one of the Lords left alive. He is determined, strong-willed and masterfully wields all kinds of weaponry. Rodan is trying to uncover the true reasons behind the death of his father. He doesn’t yet realize that he’s only a pawn taking part in a big game… And he doesn’t suspect what his part in this story is. But life cannot be foreseen. Even a pawn can play a crucial role in the game.

Will the game be divided into levels, or will it be one open ended world that players will be able to explore?

There are more than ten levels in the game. Each of them creates a special atmosphere and differs greatly from the last. Most of the game you will play in open areas, though there will be some indoor locations too. What is common for all the locations is that they are very detailed and realistic. We pay great attention to the visuals and try to make locations that expand and enrich the gameplay, proposing new and interesting ways to progress through the game.

Can we look forward to any kind of multiplayer components?

At the current time this is not implemented. We are still considering the option, however, so don’t take this as our last word on this.

What kind of weapons and other abilities will players have access to throughout the course of the game?

There will be several types of swords (“cold steel”) and firearms in the game. You can use different kinds of swords, each of them with its unique set of combos and combat techniques. Every weapon can be improved, though this is not a main emphasis of the game. It’s an action game, so any evolution that can take place will primarily improve your combat skills and make the fight more colorful and dynamic.

For ranged fights you can use firearms. There will be only 2 basic types of the firearms, but you will be able to use any weapon that your enemies use! So, your arsenal is actually up to you! πŸ˜‰

In Collapse there will be several types of swords, each of them different in technique and colorful combo-strikes. Amongst them, you will also encounter unique samples of the future and even of the extraterrestrial civilization. Rodan has a biomechanical hand that allows him to draw or hide his sword in a split second. Thanks to this, long-range and short-range gameplay are organically combined.

In addition to this, you will be able to use several power strikes which will give you extraordinary abilities to bend space and time, allowing you to come out of the most critical situations.

How is the team optimizing the game for a mouse and keyboard, and will the game be gamepad compatible for those who prefer it?

We put a high emphasis on the control of the game, because it’s an action game, and the player shouldn’t think about which buttons to push. He just has to act and to have fun! For Collapse we developed a unique one-click combo system that allows you to do combos very easily using the mouse. Our main idea is not only to make memorized combos accessible, but also to make the new ones easy to learn!

Besides, we devoted great attention to the animations and moves of the main character. And the result is really impressive: compared to the many other 3rd person games on PC, the character control in Collapse looks awesome. When people tried Collapse for the first time at the expos where we presented the game, they started to play right off the bat, without any hesitations! And you should have seen their faces at that moment! That was really great! πŸ˜‰

The screens released so far show some interesting looking indoor and outdoor areas. What other sort of locales will players be able to explore?

The game shows several time periods and kinds of setting. In 2013, right after the catastrophe, you see a realistic looking, devastated eastern European city. And playing in 2096, when the main game action takes place, you discover a post-apocalyptic world with futuristic design and high technologies. In some levels you will deal with the technologies of the alien civilization. Collapse opens a world full of paranormal occurrences, where the elements of the human and extraterrestrial worlds are inseparable. Sometimes it spikes horror into you… the things that happen around you seem incomprehensible, and you have to guess and understand its odd riddles and signs that are in every location. To describe it wouldn’t be worth it – you have to play to understand and feel it!

What do you feel will give Collapse an edge over other games in its genre?

Surely it is the gameplay that combines numerous styles, deep storyline and overall high quality.

What countries is the game currently planned for? Is the team interested in getting North American and European publishing deals, or are negotiations already under way?

Collapse is planned to be released worldwide. Negotiations are underway, and the results of these will come very soon. Stay tuned!;)

Is there anything else you would like to say about Collapse, Creoteam, or Buka?

Thank you for the interest in Collapse! We will do our best to impress you with the final result!


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