Peter Jackson’s King Kong (PC)

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Tuesday, October 11, 2005

While Peter Jackson has been putting the finishing touches on his King Kong movie, Ubisoft has been hard at work on a game adaptation of the film. Right off the bat gamers should expect the game to be great considering what two studios are working on it. Ubisoft has assigned Ubisoft Montpellier (Beyond Good & Evil) and Ubisoft Montreal (Splinter Cell) to develop the game, so expectations are obviously very high. However, based on the demo it seems safe to say the game is going to deliver.

The demo has two separate segments for gamers to play through. The first puts you in the role of Jack as he explores a jungle environment and has to run from a massive T-Rex. This segment is very tense and is somewhat like a first person shooter (although you can’t really shoot to kill). The second segment puts you as King Kong battling several T-Rexes as well as some other dinosaurs, and this section is much more action based. The King Kong demo is showing that the game should have a good variety of things to do, which is great.

King Kong looks absolutely gorgeous. All of the jungle environments look lush and very interesting, and I’m assuming that they also match the movie sets. Character models (and especially King Kong himself) look very detailed as well, and everything is very natural looking. The action rarely lags at all as well, which is a definite plus during the King Kong fight scenes. Overall it appears that Ubisoft wants to be very authentic with the look of this game, and they are doing a nice job with it. Sound is also very well done, whether you are playing as a human or King Kong. All of the sound effects fit the game well, and that’s all one could ask for.

Both gameplay segments are very different from one another. The segment with Jack is played from the first person perspective, and controls like a first person shooter, with a few key differences. One difference is that you must be holding the spacebar to have your weapon of choice out (either a gun or spear), otherwise your character must be unarmed. Although really you’re trying to distract the T-Rex rather than kill it. This segment is very tense as you will be running from something much bigger than you that can kill you in 1-2 hits easily.

Once you get to the King Kong scene, gameplay changes dramatically. Playing as King Kong is all about action, as all you need to know is that the spacebar lets you jump (for brief swinging segments), left click makes you punch, and right click makes you grab an opponent. Also, scrolling the mouse wheel can activate rage mode, which will allow you to do additional damage. Players will also have to jam on the mouse buttons in order to perform finishing moves on the T-Rexes, which is fun as well. This scene is very fun and shows off the game’s nice camera (it will change based on the location but you are always able to locate King Kong).

So far the King Kong game appears to be a great tie in to the movie, as well as a fun PC game. If the final product can maintain the intensity the demo has shown, then PC gamers should be in for a treat. We will just have to wait and see, as the game comes out November 21st.

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