3D Magic Mahjongg (PC)

By Sean Lesley

Published on Sunday, September 25, 2005

Graphics: 9.00
Gameplay: 6.00
Replays: 8.00

The first thing I thought as I opened this game was, quite simply, “wow.” The graphics alone make this game. The point of view is changeable (though the game becomes near-impossible if you do so–fun to play with, though), and the effects on the torches remind me of Neverwinter Nights.

The gushing over with, this game has a few problems. There’s nothing that says, “hey, you can’t make any more moves.” So, you just have to puzzle it out until you give up if that occurs. Second, the main menu hardly worked. Not a problem if all you want is mahjongg, but if you want to access other features, sorry.

However, as far as mahjongg games go, this is the prettiest I’ve seen. If eye candy and a simple game is what you seek, look no further. If you want more complex features, or have a low-grade computer, head toward something else instead.

Overall Rating: 7.00

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