Gran Turismo 4 (PS2)

By Gavin "Blayd" Keating

Published on Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Graphics: 10.00
Sound: 9.00
Gameplay: 10.00
Replays: 10.00

The wait has been long and arduous. Originally set to release last year, fans of the racing genre have been impatiently waiting for Gran Turismo 4 despite all of its delayed launches. However, good things comes to those who wait, and Gran Turismo 4 is a very good thing. Considered by many to be both the best and most realistic racer ever, Gran Turismo 4 has finally hit American shores. Gentlemen, start your engines!

Set in whatever country you want it to be, and whenever you want it to be, Gran Turismo is a highly realistic racer developed by Sony and Polyphony Digital. Everything in the game is authentic, including (but not limited to) cars, courses, parts, music, even some of the license tests are real. Players will be able to choose from literally thousands of cars of every make and model known to man. Along with being able to buy the cars factory direct, the “Used Car” mode returns from previous games so you can get those starter cars cheap. A welcomed addition to the New and Used Dealers is the Historic Gallery, a place where you can buy “historic” cars. These are more for show then for actual racing, but with the level of customization that goes into GT4, you never know. You are now able to buy other parts behind the brand specific ones. That Lancer Evolution not really giving you enough power? Supe it up with an All-American Turbo System. Along with buying the actual parts is the ability to tune and recalibrate virtually every aspect of your car, from suspension, to braking, even to the frame rigidity. Auto-Buff’s are sure to be pleasantly suprised by the level of customization that can go into each individual car. For the others, just buy the most expensive part.

The main goal of Gran Turismo is to make money so that you can buy better cars and parts, which can make you more money to buy even better cars and parts. There is a variety of modes of gameplay to do this including the classic races, rally mode, the return of drag racing, and the brand new mode “Driving Missions”, in which you accomplish race-orientated goals, each with their own specific limitations. Also new to the Gran Turismo franchise is the innovative B-Spec mode, which allows the player to be a member of the pit rather then the driver. Even non-racers can finally enjoy Gran Turismo now!

The sense of realism is astounding. The physics and mechanics of the car are all completely realistic. Even without the Racing Wheel controller, players will soon be immersed in the game due to its highly realistic sound, physics, and graphics. The only thing that could possibly draw you out of the game is the lack of crash damage. But, then again, this is a simulator, not a destruction derby. Still, with the power Sony has, crash damage for GT4 would have been an insane upgrade.

Sound is nothing short of superb. Accompanying the immersive sounds, which are real time recordings of the actual cars (resynthesized for sound quality, of course) are actual songs from Sony’s record labels. These songs really help to establish the life-like atmosphere of the game, as they are softer then the roar of your engines. Graphics are the best seen on Playstation 2, period. Photo-realistic courses, lighting effects, cars, and even people will make you gain a habit of checking the PS2 to make sure that this is a game, not a DVD.

Overall, if you have a Playstation 2, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have this game. Even haters of the genre will find the B-Spec mode enjoyable. GT4 is the perfect racer.

Overall Rating: 10.00

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