Overlord: Raising Hell (PS3)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sound: 7.50
Gameplay: 7.50
Replays: 6.00
Gamelength: 7.50

Codemasters has finally brought “Overlord: Raising Hell” out for the PlayStation 3, but only after a full year of waiting and with very minimal exclusive content.

For those of you who may have missed this game during it’s original release due to not owning an Xbox 360, you may be in luck if you own a PlayStation 3 or a PC. Of course, that’s relative to your own personal taste, but let me put it this way: “Overlord: Raising Hell” isn’t much of an improvement over the original release and still remains a slightly above average game, at the very most. But I’m getting ahead of myself here. If you own a PlayStation 3 and you’ve been awaiting the release of this game, find yourself some minions, put on some crazy armor and get ready to take your chance at being the ruler of the world in “OVerlord: Raising Hell”.

We all know that graphics can only mean so much, right? After all, a game is only as fun as it plays. Still, it never hurts to have pretty eye candy while you’re roaming around causing mass destruction. As good as somme things in this game look, for the most part it actually looks more like a late release for the original Xbox. There aren’t a whole lot of groundbreaking or true next-gen textures or special effects here, although the fire effects do look pretty nice. Codemasters has never been know for their graphic design, however, so I really never expected this game to have AAA graphics.

As with the visual quality, sound effects and music tracks are equally mediocre. Some of the music is fairly epic, but almost every sound effect or music track in the game sounds like what you would find in any other fantasy action title. It’s not entirely terrible because the game still sound pretty good, but if you’ve played any fantasy action game before, you know how this game sounds.

So, with average sound quality and visuals straight out of the last generation of gaming, is the game at least fun to play? For the most part, yes. Players are pretty much given free reign to kill or help whoever they like using whichever minions they like. This sounds cooler than it is, though, due to the fact that most of the game is the same linear set of “puzzles” and mindless slaughter. Nothing really feels rewarding aside from the first time you get to use each of the 4 main types of minions, but that loses it’s novelty really fast. In essence, this game is more like an old arcade in some ways. The mindless combat and extremely basic minion puzzles really feel too easy and are much too fast-paced to have any sort lasting appeal, but still the game isn’t all bad. Most people will probably enjoy the game their first time through, but on that same token, most people probably wont even scratch the surface of the extra content because the game just isn’t good enough to hook most people. Also, the only truly exclusive addition to the PlayStation 3 version of the game as of this writing is the on-screen minimap, which really is a pretty helpful feature. So with it’s decent length, a good amount of content and some decent action-oriented gameplay, “Overlord: Raising Hell” is an okay game with a fair price that probably just wont keep most people entertained for too long.

Overall, Codemasters should have just skipped this re-release and spent all of those resources on creating a true sequel with a bunch of serious improvements. I’m not truly disappointed, but this could have been much better.

-Somewhat unique minion-controlling system.
-Pretty long single player game.
-Includes all of the extra content from Xbox Live on the disc.

-Visuals are very, very “last-gen”.
-Sound quality is pretty generic.
-Not a whole lot of replay value.

Bottom Line:
“Overlord: Raising Hell” is worth buying only after trying the game out first to make sure it’s your cup of tea. If you can get into this kinda’ thing for hours on end, it’s an easy buy. Otherwise, move on to the next game.

Overall Rating: 7.00

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