WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 (PS3)

By Steven Marsh

Published on Monday, October 26, 2009

Graphics: 9.00
Sound: 9.00
Gameplay: 9.00
Replays: 9.00
Gamelength: 9.00

Thanks to some awesome new features, “WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010” is a great improvement over last year’s iteration.

Ah, good ol’ WWE. Every year, many people across the USA rush out and buy the latest game in the series, eager to tinker with the newest additions to the series. Some people buy the latest game for the new wrestler lineup and others do it for a potential small handful of new modes, but this time around, those who seek a much deeper create-a-wrestler experience are getting most of the attention. With all-new custom stories and the ability to share custom wrestlers online, this is definitely the best series iteration so far for the current generation of gaming. So, obviously it’s that time again! Ladies and gentlemen, step into the ring for some heated wrestling action in “WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010” for the PlayStation 3.

As with the last game in the series, the visual quality is as good as it gets for the wrestling genre. Nothing is perfect, but a rock solid framerate and photo realistic wrestlers round out this overall beautiful game. Animations are top notch, straight down to the finishers of every wrestler. If you’re a die hard fan of WWE, you may just find yourself cheering when you see your favorite wrestlers pull off their finishers in game.

Sound quality is as any gamer would expect of this series by now. From the lively crowds to the awesome wrestling soundtrack, this game is pleasant on the ears. Perhaps the coolest part of the overall audio experience is the various collection of impact sounds. There are many moments that are sure to make you go, “Ouch! That had to hurt!” just based on the sound effects alone.

Of course, the gameplay itself hasn’t changed very much, but there’s a whole more replay value for create-a-wrestler fanatics. The standard and very simplistic control scheme requires almost no work to master, even for true beginners. Given how intelligent the AI can be, the simple control scheme is a very welcome design. Veterans will feel right at home here, what with the 60+ wrestlers, complex create-a-wrestler mode and the usual online versus mode. Just about everything any WWE fan could possibly want is included in this game, including the most in-depth create-a-wrestler experience to date, story mode, exhibitions and of course, online play via the PlayStation Network. Exhibitions and online play are virtually identical to the previous game, but everything else has been greatly improved. First of all, story mode is back and includes 6 full stories to play through, one of which is a custom create-a-wrestler story mode. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest addition to the series. With a ton of different story bits to mix and match, you can make just about any story you want. The possibilities are virtually endless and the whole process really helps to give a bit of personality to the create-a-wrestler side of the game. Some people may think this next bit is the biggest addition to the series; I’ll let you be the judge of that! Players have been given the option to upload custom-made wrestlers, which can then be downloaded, free of charge, by any other player in the world. Whether you want Conan O’brian or a classic wrestler that simply wasn’t included in the game roster, it’s all a simple search, click and download away. The entire process is very streamlined and was never a challenge to use. That aside, the usual slew of matches is included, with cage matches, first blood matches, royal rumbles and all sorts of other fun stuff. Given the powerful creation tools and the massive selection of match types, this game is truly an endless and pure WWE experience. To top the whole tidy package off, the online play is virtually lag-free and there are always plenty of people to play with. So, if you’re a WWE fan, why are you still reading this? Go out and buy this game!

Overall, this is easily the best wrestling game to date. I’d be very impressed if I saw anything better than this in the near future!

-Great visual quality.
-Pure licensed WWE soundtrack.
-Simple control scheme.
-Most in-depth create-a-wrestler experience to date.
-Custom stories are incredibly fun to play with.
-Online play is simple and lag-free.
-Plenty of match type variation.

-Included character roster could have been a bit better.

Bottom line:
Fans of WWE, this is a no brainer. Buy this game as soon as you have the spare cash. Anyone else, check it out if you’re interested in the whole idea of wrestling. If wrestling has absolutely no appeal to you, skip this one.

Overall Rating: 9.00

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