Progressive psych quintet ‘Jouis’ debut new track with Clash | Debut album out November 3rd

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jouis will release their debut album Dojo on November 3rd via Beetroot Records. The band has released the song “L∞P” which you can stream below. It’s a perfect track for this cooler Sunday here on the East Coast, as there’s a fine balance between swirling psychedelic melodies and jazz rhythms at work on this track. Check out full details about the album below.

The debut album ‘Dojo’
Released via Beetroot Records on Nov 3rd
Available on 12” vinyl, CD, Digital

Jouis (Jhew-ee) are a 5 piece band based in Brighton, UK. Combining Jazz, Psychedelia and Progressive Rock, their sounds are designed to open your mind, and spirit you away to new lucid dimensions. Jouis is a French word roughly translated as ‘high enjoyment’ (derived from ‘Jouissance’), a philosophy the band has upheld since its inception in 2008 at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. Playing regular shows across the UK, they quickly began cultivating a dedicated fan base, releasing 2 EPs and a 7” single, and drawing the attention of BBC 6 Music.

Fast forward to June 2013, and Jouis embarked on a mission to build their own analogue studio in an office block in Brighton – a space where they now live and work. With the help from producer Phill Brown (Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin), they recorded their debut album, Dojo, live to tape. The resulting 9 tracks make for bold, confident, listening. Opening track All That Is And Is One flutters through wandering whimsy, shimmering guitar work and an ever propulsive rhythmic flex. Elsewhere L p’s spindly guitar line evolves the track into Tame Impala territory, before the album truly finds its groove in a psychotropic mix of jazz and beat grooves, gentle psychedelia, and perfect four-part Magical Mystery Tour-esque harmonies. You get the feeling that every passage has been poured over by the band.

Thematically, the album tinkers with the concept of space and time, past experiences and philosophical ideals; even the cover artwork explores an alternative futuristic dystopian universe. On an album featuring largely uplifting cuts like New Moon, All That Is And Is One, Universe Goggles and Earthly Emerald Eyes, the record itself is flecked with statements on consumerism: the band chant on Hyperception, “like a forager you borrow earth and use to your own end”. In all, Dojo communicates the band’s thoughts on life and their understanding of the universe.

Jouis named their album Dojo. It’s a place of learning and a state of mind. Their journey from building the studio, through recording to tape, to releasing, has been a learning curve. On Dojo, Jouis embrace that curve, turning it inside out and intertwining it with their own personalities and ethos.

Jouis have appeared at: Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Lounge On The Farm and Camden Crawl. Jouis are currently booking a UK and European tour to coincide with their album release.


Jouis are:

Louis Pavlo – Keys, vocals
Joe Potter – Rhythm guitar, vocals
Joe Woodham – Bass, vocals
Jack Dunwoody, Lead guitar, BVs
Adam Johnson – Drums, BVs

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