By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Swedish heavy metal band Black Trip released their debut full length Goin’ Under in October of last year, but on August 5th it will get an official North American release via Prosthetic Records. The current lineup of the group came together between 2011 and 2012, although the band technically formed in 2004. You’re probably familiar with quite a few of the musicians involved with this project, as they’ve been involved in a slew of other Swedish metal act.

Vocals- Joseph Tholl (Corrupt, Enforcer)
Guitar- Peter Stjärnvind (Krux, ex-Entombed, ex-Nifelheim, ex-Unanimated)
Guitar- Sebastian Ramstedt (ex-Necrophobic, ex-Nifelheim)
Bass- Johan Bergebäck (ex-Necrophobic, ex-Nifelheim)
Drums- Jonas Wikstrand (Enforcer)

But don’t think that Black Trip is simply trying to ride the wave of popularity using the bands its members are involved in or have been a part of in the past, as based on the song below they’ve got plenty to offer and stand out on their own. Additional details below.

PROSTHETIC RECORDS will be releasing the debut album “Goin’ Under” from Swedish classic heavy metallists’ BLACK TRIP! The group, which features a collection of prominent musicians from acts including Entombed, Enforcer and Exhumed, have unveiled the album’s cover artwork (Featured above) along with revealing it’s North American release on August 5.

The band commented on the news stating:
“We are delighted to announce that respected US metal label Prosthetic Records will be releasing our debut album “Goin’ Under” in North America later this Summer. As metal fans we grew up listening to the classic NWOBHM bands, they influenced us in our careers and are the inspiration behind Black Trip. The initial songs and ideas began with Peter Stjärnwind 10 years ago, and once he had met Joseph Tholl the rest of the band came together very quickly. When recording the album we tried to recreate the classic old sound which hopefully we achieved and one look at the artwork shows exactly what kind of band we are”.

The idea of the band was originally formed in 2003 by Ex-Entombed, Merciless drummer Peter Stjärnvind (who is featured on guitar) but put on hiatus until 2011 when the idea was revived upon a meeting with Joseph Tholl (Enforcer, Corrupt) who would take on vocals. The two went on to record a demo in 2011 before completing the line-up with guitarist Sebastan Ramstedt (ex-Exhumed, NIfelheim), bassist Johan Bergebäck (ex-Exhumed, Nifelheim, Dismember) & drummer Jonas Wikstrand (Enforcer, ex-Leprosy).

Stay tuned in the following weeks for more information & pre-order details on “Goin’ Under”:

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