Red Jacket Mine to Release “Pure Delight” EP on November 18th

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, November 16, 2014

Red Jacket Mine will release their new EP Pure Delight this Tuesday, November 18th. Check out a music video for the title track below via YouTube. This is the first time I’ve come across the band, but I was instantly drawn in by this song as it has that right mix of soul and older rock ‘n roll that’s so damn infectious. Pure Delight is the follow-up to last year’s Someone Else’s Cake album, and it looks like I’ll need to track both of these releases down.

Lincoln Barr and Red Jacket Mine are back with a new EP – Pure Delight is another collection of whip-smart songs with irresistible melodies and nods to power pop, pub rock and gospel. The EP will be released on November 18th and the band celebrates at Seattle’s High Dive on November 15th. The EP follows their critically-acclaimed album from 2013, Someone Else’s Cake, which put the band on the map with fans of bands like Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe and their ilk. AllMusic accurately called the LP “pop music magic.”

Recorded with Johnny Sangster (whose brother, Jim Sangster of the Young Fresh Fellows, also contributes bass to several tracks) at Avast! and Crackle & Pop Studios, the songs range from the chooglin’ title track, inspired by drummer Andrew Salzman’s battle with gin and rowdy behavior, to the beautiful gospel and soul-inspired lament “Crow”. “I Want You to Worship Me” lays bare what is probably every entertainer’s fundamental motivation, propelled by Sangster’s buoyant bass lines and an ostentatious, Steve Nieve-worthy piano arrangement. Elsewhere, the lovely “AM” nods toward the Carpenters, and “Get Paid” is a twisted blues for “all the desk jockeys out there.”

A Memphis native who was also raised in Missouri, Barr soaked up the sounds of his heroes in soul music, gospel and rock n’ roll. Their shadows fall on his work, but it remains subtle, layered and recorded with care. While the stellar singing jumps to the foreground while listening to Red Jacket Mine, Barr’s guitar work is equally inspired, tasteful, tuneful and a hell of a lot of fun to listen to.

Keyboardist Daniel Walker is no slouch himself, contributing piano, organ and clavinet with a great deal of flair and style. Drummer Andrew Salzman, when not inspiring the band’s songs, forms a solid rhythm section with newcomer to the band Eric Bryson on bass.

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