TEMPLE INVISIBLE streams new single ‘Anima’ | Expanded Edition ‘Enter_’ EP due 30th March

By Chris Dahlberg

Published on Sunday, March 22, 2015

Romanian electronic/trip hop act Temple Invisible will release Enter_ (Expanded Edition) on March 30th digitally. This is an expanded version of their 2014 Enter_ EP that includes one new track and three remixes. The lead single “Anima” is available to stream below, and it caught my attention right from the start. It’s one of those songs where the electronics build slowly and start to get under your skin right before the instrumentals explode into a much fuller chorus. Combine that with the haunting vocals of Irina Bucescu, and you have a group that is worth paying attention to. Check out additional details below, and let yourself get lost in the layers of sound that “Anima” has to offer.

Romanian sensation Temple Invisible have announced details of a very special release, Enter_ (Expanded Edition), featuring previously unreleased material including one brand new track plus 3 remixes, it will be released digitally on 30th March 2015.

The EP comprises the 2014 version plus the 4 new jams, which include lead single, ‘Anima’ and three remixes made by Romanian fellow artist Liar (‘Sudden Acts’), the British’s Officers (‘Disappearance’) and new Parisian producer Dream Hacker (‘Collide’).

The extended edition of ‘ Enter_’ EP is available to pre-order through:
iTunes here
Amazon here

Temple Invisible is the musical project of Irina Bucescu, Costas Ivanov and Daniel Olteanu – three multi instrumentalists from Bucharest, Romania.

A band exhibiting a considerable array of styles, Temple Invisible have fast developed their own tonal environment for electronic pop, dark experimental and futuristic industrial. Their music propagates a unique blend of electronic influences and musical genres combined with a classical sense of composition.

Temple Invisible songs are mathematically placed between Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails, with a smidgen of Portishead and the sort of big choruses and bells-and-whistles-and-choirboys production once trademarked by Depeche Mode.

Always willing to push new frontiers with a mixture that blends electro beats, psychedelic guitars, symphonic elements, 80s synth goth and trip hop with a nod to classic post industrial notes, it’s hard to pinpoint just where the hallowing chords of this three piece sit, landing them on a distinct and intriguing plateau of sound.

Striking a balance between the trip hop landscapes of Portishead and the dark industrial zones inhabited by Nine Inch Nails, the three piece summon tectonic plates of noise that shift subtly with earth shattering consequences.

Speaking about their debut release Temple Invisible describe the EP as a vibrational state in which they dwell among their absolute love for music and their contradictory need for self identification as a way to reconcile both.

Enter_ is an introduction to their blended style of multi-layered electronica.

Enter_ (Expanded Edition) — Tracklisting
1. Everything From Above
2. Disappearance
3. Collide
4. Sudden Acts
5. Anima (Bonus Track)
6. Dimension Dive
7. Disappearance [Officers Remix] (Bonus Track)
8. Collide [Dream Hacker Remix] (Bonus Track)
9. Sudden Acts [Liar Optimix] (Bonus Track)


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